Saturday, September 1, 2007

Battle of the Seasonal Beers

Not much happened today. I slept till about 8AM in anticipation for a phone call from Kyoko. Kyoko offered to take me back to my local electronics store to exchange my malfunctioning wireless router for a better known working brand. She didn't call till around 11AM, but that was OK because I cleaned up around my house and straightened out my bedding. Kyoko came for me around 12:30PM and helped me exchange my wireless router for a Netgear wireless router just like my old one back in the States. Unfortunately, I found out that its not the router that isn't working but rather my cable modem which has a static IP . So I'm going to have to call the cable company to see if there is some way to work around this issue.

After I figured out tinkering around with my wireless network was futile, I decided to take a leisurely bike ride down ol' route 52. Route 52 is the main road of Minami-alps, and its also fairly hard to safely navigate on a bike due to its very narrow "side-walks". There isn't any other way to get downtown by foot or bike so I am kind of forced to take this route unless I want to sweat to death on the new Route 52 which is about a mile to the west and extremely boring as far as scenery goes. Minami-alps is about as well developed as Ramona, California's main drag was 10 years ago, which isn't very good. Either way I made it to downtown and picked up a few goods I needed for my home. I saw quite a few cute girls about my age around the main shopping area so the ride was well worth it. Maybe I'll find a way to talk to somebody at random just to change things up. Its not common in Japanese culture for complete strangers to participate in idle conversation so it may be interesting to test this out. I'll probably get away with it just for the reason I am a foreigner which is reason enough for me to try it when the time is right.

The ride back up home wasn't as easy. The main reason for this is that my apartment is on the highest point of the city, which means its all uphill to me no matter what direction. I would be riding my bike further and faster toward the nearest cities but it takes a lot of effort just to get home. I may strike out to Ryuou tomorrow afternoon if I figure out my intro lesson plan for the week before noon. I am kind of looking forward to my first day of school but I'm also just as worried about how I will do. Its really not my place to worry, so I try not to think of it as much. I'm sure every thing will turn out fine in the end.

Now to explain the title of today's entry. I bought a couple new seasonal Japanese beers that are only sold in Japan so I decided to see which one tastes best. There are quite a few out there at the moment so I have decided to carry out a little nightly "taste test" until I have tried every variation possible. I'm not drinking to get drunk because that's too expensive and I am a little conscious of my health so I'll be keeping it to two cold tall-ones a night. So, for today's line-up we have Sapporro Brewery's "Sapporo W-Dry" and Kirin Brewery's "Autumn Taste". I decided to drink the "Autumn Taste" (from here on referred to as Akiji) first because it had a pretty design on the can. Akiji had a sweet and slightly heavy taste but it went fairly well with my Four-cheese pizza I ate for dinner. Japan's idea of an instant home cooked pizza reminds me more of a flat bread with some light cheese sprinkled on top. As for the Sapporo W-dry, it went down smoothly but had a little bite at the end. It reminded me a lot of Asahi's "super dry" except without the higher price. From a value stand point the Sapporo W-Dry does a better job of pleasing my palette and wallet while the Akiji seems to be a tad bit expensive and not as tasty to me. I may start to drink the Sapporo W-Dry instead of Asahi "Super-Dry" due to a similar taste yet a vastly lower price.

So that was my day. Not that interesting on paper, but I wasn't that bored. I suppose not being too bored is a good thing, especially since I don't really have any real friends to fall back on nearby. Tomorrow I plan to lay out a little lesson plan outline so I can spend the rest of the day relaxing before my first day of school.


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