Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Extended weekend plans...

This week has been great so far. I’ve had regular sleep and more than enough food every night mostly thanks to Maki and her mom’s hospitality. As a matter of fact, I feel as if I’ve gained a little weight since I met Maki. Over the past couple weeks since we met, we’ve eaten dinner almost every other day together. My stomach feels particularly out of shape compared to usual which probably means I should start doing sit-ups or something to offset all the food I’ve been eating lately. If I don’t do something about it I’ll break my promise with Naoko to loose my stupid love handles. I’m not about to disappoint her since it’s a nice goal to reach anyway.

I am just about settled into my school now. I’ve learned almost everybody’s name in my office and I don’t feel as much as an outsider anymore. The other teachers that sit near me are including me more into their conversations, especially after we broke the ice at the culture festival. They probably realised I wasn’t there to mess things up or force the to speak perfect English or whatever they may have been worried about.

My Desk:

Lesson plans and worksheets don’t seem as impossible as they appeared to be only two weeks ago. My lesson plans may not be the best; but they work and the teachers seem to appreciate the amount of work I put into them. Maybe I’ll link a sample PDF file to show you what a lesson of mine is like… if anybody actually cares that is…

Tomorrow night starts a long five-day weekend for me. I have been invited to the first teacher’s ‘party’ of the semester and it seems like the teachers will be a fun bunch to spend some time with over a few drinks and dinner. One thing that is really cool about Japanese culture is that they love drinking-communication. Drinking-communication is their way of getting to know their co-worker’s better and to blow a little steam without any real consequence because they don’t talk about how they partied the night before. Anyhow, I look forward to tomorrow night because it will be a good start to a long deserved break from teaching. I also won’t have to plan any new lessons over the week because I didn’t teach all my classes this week so I can re-use this week’s plans for next week!

I’ll bring my camera along to the party tomorrow night but I’m not sure if I will be able to post pictures or not. We’ll see…

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