Saturday, September 8, 2007

Finally, my first well needed weekend.

I finally finished my first week of school in Minami-Alps, Japan. The week had its ups and downs but all in all I think it went well. Some of my classes may be a little shyer than I would have liked but most of them are willing to try to speak some English. Even students I pegged as uninterested or apathetic to me being there do a complete 180 out of class and approach me to say hi. So, I am very relieved that I am being received this well. My sleepless nights in the beginning of this week were for nothing. Now I have to fix up my lesson plans for this week now that I know the strengths of each class I have.

As far as my social life is going, I had another dinner with Maki and some of her friends Friday night after work. Its really nice to be able to go out and do something with somebody. But don't misunderstand the frequency of our meetings, its purely friendly. She thinks of things mostly as an older sister younger brother type relationship so there really isn't anything going on at all. Plus, she is just a bit beyond my age group I'd go after and shes also not really my type. Tonight (Saturday) she is coming over to my place for dinner. Apparently I'm supposed to cook something but my kitchen is super small which limits me to very simple dishes.

On Thursday night we had an awesome Typhoon hit Japan. It was my first typhoon and it was pretty cool, although not as impressive as I expected. I should be happy I didn't experience the full fury of a typhoon though because people on the coast get flooded out and blown away by crazy 25mph gusts of wind and horizontal rain. It was so bad in my land-locked town nestled between some of the tallest mountain ranges in Japan that we had to close school early. So if it was that bad here with mountain cover, I could only imagine things weren't so fun in a coastal town. That will probably be the last typhoon of this season too. I guess thats nice, now I have heavy winds and cold days to look forward to starting next month! YAY!

It is still early here so I have a long Saturday afternoon and evening ahead of me today until Maki comes to visit me. I think I might ride beyond Ryuo today just to burn some more calories. I've been eating and drinking beer more than I would normally do alone these past couple of weeks because of Maki and the other people I've recently met. I am starting to notice my waist size is improving and my little love handles are starting to recede again. Probably by next month I'll be able to visit Naoko again and fulfill my promise to her to get rid of my annoying beer gut.

Speaking of "beer guts" I had another Japanese beer tasting last night. I bought a can of Asahi Clear-Black. It really tastes good with smoked cheese and salami. Asahi Clear-Black's flavor reminds me a lot of a smoother Guiness without the heady fizz. Plus its a clear black and tan which makes it a little strange. Either way, it tastes good and makes it onto my keepers list. There are still at least 10 more varieties of beers for me to try. I'm just going to take my time because I'm not really into drinking alone anymore. I think this is a nice improvement over my last time in Japan.

So, that's it for today's entry. Maybe I'll do a double post today if I see anything interesting during my bike ride.

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  1. OH SHEEEEET... sup fuzzle.. whats going on man. good blog and keep it up... pics of maki foo. And pics of class room. aight, keep up the good work..