Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good news arrives unexpectedly but way too late.

This morning I had an extra hour to get ready for school because I have a long block of teaching periods today. So I took advantage of the extra hour and rested my eyes for a little bit. I would have fallen asleep if it weren't for this odd urge to check my email. Apparently, I was given an offer by the JET program for an ALT position in an undisclosed location in Japan. This news came about two months too late because since then I've been working for another ALT service called Interac.

I guess it is nice to know that I finally did get the offer and that I did actually have the 'right stuff' to become a JET. Although I'm not absolutely sure what that 'right stuff' is, Interac saw it in me first I guess. It would have been nice to become a JET ALT because I would have got about 500 more dollars a month to burn along with free round-trip tickets and possibly subsidised housing. Oh well, I'm absolutely happy with Interac and I am fairly certain I wouldn't have received such a cushy position through JET. Getting just one school is very rare, especially in a fairly urbanised area.

So there it is, smack dab in my face. I made it but I had to decline. For all that effort and time spent working at FedEx Express not knowing if I'd ever go to Japan or not, I finally find out long after I had given up any hope for JET. I'm sure the path I've taken is just as good, if not better. Hopefully I will be able to live here long enough to find a special person to spend my time with too...

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