Thursday, September 6, 2007

Half way through my first school week.

It feels like every day drags on forever. This feels like one of the longest weeks I've ever lived through. Nothing is wrong with this week. On the contrary, the past few days have been fairly simple and without much real stress.

I had my first senior level classes today. Senior class 3-3 is really cool, they all seem pretty active and much more advanced in English compared to the other levels. I wish all my classes went as smoothly as that but then they wouldn't really need me there I guess. The English teachers I work with all seem to be glad I am there although they all have varying levels of English. I hope they don't feel self concious or scared to have me in the class. I know the head of the English department probably isn't as pressured but the other two younger female teachers seem a little shy and have a little trouble expressing themselves to me in English. Maybe between classes I may communicate with them partly in Japanese to take the edge off their days.

I spent dinner with Maki and her family. They seemed very happy to have me there and pushed me to speak more Japanese than I probably have used since I arrived here. Its good practice for me but it also makes me super tired using my Japanese non-stop for a few hours. During our dinner a typhoon finally hit our area and we've been having steady downpours ever since last night. The typhoon is supposed to stick around until Saturday afternoon I guess. We'll see about that though, since I am as inland as any Japanese person can get, I doubt we'll see any truely serious weather.

Thats all that really happened Wednesday. I typed this entry right before work because I like getting ready early. I hope today, Thursday, is faster and easier than my first few days. I finally have hard copies of next week's new lessons so I can finally prepare for something. If I can get next week's lessons off well enough I think I'll be able to do this for a long time. At least I have another dinner tonight with some new friends I've met over the past few weeks. I'm happy I'll be able to eat well again tonight. I hope I don't get rained on when I walk to work today!

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