Saturday, September 29, 2007

Halo 3 in Japan

My first month of teaching English in Japan has finally come and gone, and I am glad that I was able to get the hang of living in Japan again so quickly. I am still a little nervous sitting in the teacher's lounge at school but I'm sure that will wear off too. I leave work daily with a mild headache for some reason and it mysteriously dissapears when I get home. I'm not sure if its exhaustion or if I'm just going crazy, but it really bothers me a lot.

I've finally made some progress with one of the female English teachers at my school. On Thursday afternoon she asked if she could talk to me alone, I was fearing the worst like she was going to criticise my lesson or something. To my relief, I was wrong and she asked me if it was ok to get to know each other better outside school. We exchanged contact information and our cell phone email addresses and have been messaging each other ever since. I'm not exactly sure what will happen through this but I'm not expecting much. The main reason we exchanged information was so I could be her English conversation partner and help her improve her spoken English. If anything else comes from it, I'll be purely surprised. Hopefully we'll start to do stuff together in October. She seems very excited about our new relationship so maybe I'll have a new friend at least.

In other news, I broke down and bought a Premium XBOX 360 and Halo 3 Limited Edition today. I was originally going to wait for the Elite version with HDMI and 120GB hard drive but I figured I probably wouldn't keep my 360 when I finally do leave Japan so HDMI isn't that important right now. I can use the D-Terminal connection instead which goes up to 720p which is absolutely fine with me so I'll probably end up buying a used 30 inch TV with a D-terminal connection for 100 bucks or something the end of October so I can better enjoy my system.

Halo 3 is pretty cool but I have the Japanese version so the voices are in Japanese but the menus, subtitles, and screen commands are all in English. Its not bad but I am more used to hearing Master Chief and Cortana's voice in English, but I'm sure I'll manage. I bought my Premium 360 at "Kaimasu" used for about 29000 yen which is a steal considering new ones go for 39000 yen, I also saved about 1000 yen on Halo 3 because I found a store that had a promotion sale or something. So I ended up saving money in the long run. I was eventually going to buy a 360 anyway, I just ended up buying it a little earlier than planned. Unfortunately I am currently playing my 360 on my tiny 20 inch standard monotone Sharp TV. The TV came with my apartment so its better than nothing I suppose. Hopefully I can play on XBOX Live with my friends back in San Diego because I suck at games like Halo and have much more fun playing with friends.

So that is about all that's been going on lately. I am going to go into ultra frugal mode for the next three weeks before pay-day to play it safe after my game system purchase. I still have a lot of money, probably enough to live another month, but I want to start sending some back to pay off student loans and my credit card. Once November rolls around I'll be back in the money again and hopefully planning my holiday travels in Japan.

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