Sunday, September 9, 2007

I finally got to Kofu city!

Instead of working on my lesson plan like I should have, I decided to go out on a little adventure. I like to set goals for myself daily just to keep myself happy and sane so I don't feel like I wasted a whole day doing nothing. Today I decided I had to ride my bike somewhere, preferably somewhere I haven't been before. So I checked out my little personal map on and found that Kofu is about eight miles away. It may seem far when represented as a number value but if you are really bored you tend to ignore it. The ride to anywhere from where I live is the easy part, its getting home that is the real workout.

Around noon I hopped onto my bike and coasted down the hill for about three miles and hit Ryuo station. Apparently there is a closer station a little further north of me but I figured I will save it for another adventure day. I can make it to Ryuo in about 30 minutes by bike which is pretty good considering how far I travel and how little I have to pedal. Because the day was so hot, maybe around 90 degrees with humidity, I decided it would be safer to take the train to Kofu station. So I did, and it took literally minutes to get there.

Upon arrival, I could tell Kofu was the city that has everything a younger guy like me could need. Restaurants, bars, video game arcades, and lots of attractive women around my age. Minami-Alps either hides their 20-something women or there aren't any that live here. It would be nice to meet another woman and through her meet more friends my age but I'll just have to wait till the weather gets cooler or I get a car. I wandered around the shopping arcade near the station for a couple hours then decided to go home since I didn't really want to get caught there after dark without a car.

When I got back to Ryuo, I rode my bike to Sushi Ondo for a little sushi lunch/dinner treat. There is nothing like authentic Japanese sushi, and I eat as much as I can afford as often as I can do it! Finally, I decided to check prices for LCD computer monitors at Yamada-denki before I headed home. I think I may end up buying one at the end of this month before payday since I still have a lot of money left over from the move and I really haven't spent any of it. Its rare that I go on shopping sprees or make impulse buys so I think I'll be fine with the monitor. I want to use the monitor for the XBOX 360 and possibly PS3 that I plan to purchase in October for Halo 3. Gaming is a big hobby of mine so its important that I get to play the game before somebody spoils it for me on the Internet or something or I loose interest in it like Halo 2 the last time I was in Japan. I never played Halo 2 and finished it.

After window shopping at Yamada-denki, I finally crept up the hill back to my home in Minami-alps. I only managed to really start sweating when I stopped to buy a cold water at a convenience store. So I guess I am getting used to riding around but I still end up pouring sweat regardless of how I feel. Later, Maki came over and we watched Fellowship of the Ring together during dinner. She seemed to like it which is good. Her English is pretty good so a movie like Lord of the Rings isn't too hard for her to follow which allows me to enjoy the movie without explaining much or worrying that it isn't good for her.

Anyway, that was the day. It felt a little short, but that's probably because I actually did something. I still haven't started my lesson planning and its already noon. I have managed to sift through three boxes of stuff another local ALT left for me and found a few good things I wanted to keep. I think I ended up throwing out 80 percent of the stuff I received either because it was too old, too confusing, or didn't apply to my students. I think the main reason I threw out so much is because a lot of it was already in my desk at school (which I also organized and purged of useless things). I really appreciate having stuff I can already use but a lot of it just seemed like a bunch of unsorted papers. The trash company is going to love me for putting so much out but at least I sorted it according to types of trash.
Now, I guess I will start my lesson planning. I still want to go out for one more ride today. Its not as hot as yesterday so I might be able to make it to Kofu by bike. That's one of my biggest goals. Actually, making it to Don Quixote (its kind of like Frys and Wal-mart stuck together) which happens to be about 10 miles away. I know the roads to get there but that would be a 20 mile ride which is pretty nuts. That would be like me riding from Coronado to Hillcrest or something. I think I'm just crazy enough to do it. Though I may wait till next week for that so I have more recovery time over my three day weekend. Yay!

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