Monday, September 10, 2007

Lesson planning isn't so bad after all.

I completed my first lesson plan Sunday evening before dinner after putting it off for almost a whole week. I ended up using Photoshop to design the handout worksheets and they turned out pretty good. I also used my first home-made lesson plan/worksheet today in two 1st year classes. From what I could tell, the classes seemed to go very smooth and felt better paced compared to my introduction classes. My head teacher also seemed to like the worksheet mostly because it was relevant to that week's grammar point.

Today during my prep periods I ended up making my second lesson plan for the second year students. It took half as long as my first one because I know how to do it now. I think I'll be fine teaching classes now, especially because I have so much office time to do my preparation. I'm glad I won't have to take my work home very often which doesn't allow me to procrastinate if I want to. At least I get the job done on time.

Over the next few weeks starting Monday, I'll be having a few days off from work due to national holidays. Its pretty nice to have days off so early in the game and it looks like I get at least one even in the least interesting months. I think I may leave town for a day or two next week when I have my extra days off. I just need to re-read this entry to remind myself or I'll end up rolling around in my room all day doing nothing...

Time to head off to school for just one class... Today, Tuesday is my longest day because I spend most of my time inside the office at my desk. At least starting next week I'll get club days on Tuesday and Thursdays. I hope I can do something good in the club and maybe make an even better connection with the students.

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