Sunday, September 2, 2007

My first ride to Ryuo station.

Today I decided I would ride to Ryuo which is the next town over from Minami-Alps. On a map it doesn't seem like its a very difficult drive but when you do it for real its all down hill from my apartment. I probably wouldn't wander out that far but I needed to see for myself how long it actually took to get down to the station by bike since I don't have a car yet. It took me about 3o minutes to ride down to the station because it was ALL downhill.

The station appears to be going through a renovation of sorts and a lot of the roads nearby seem newly made which is good for me. Ryuo station looks like its going to be my station of choice to get out of town to visit Tokyo or something. Maybe I'll take a train out next week but the only catch is I would have to ride back home in the dark which would probably be fine since I have a light on my bike. I'd take the bus but its rarely around enough to wait for it.

After I visited Ryuo station I continued down the road till I found a familiar kaiten sushi restaurant chain called Sushi Ondo. Unlike the Sushi Ondos I visited when I lived in Japan last time, this particular one was all automated even down to the custom orders. Instead of pushing a button to talk to a chef, you can just use a touch screen PC to select a few dishes you want and it will come down the conveyor belt within a minute of ordering. I think its pretty darn cool and it also makes the whole experience a lot easier as I do not really need to speak into a microphone to make an order, rather I can just push buttons with pictures of stuff I want. The only downside I can see is if I didn't know Japanese I wouldn't know what button to push to order... If all else fails you could just wait for something you like to come down the line instead but that may take a while. I'm always willing to try new tech out. Big thumbs up!
After filling my stomach with about 600 yen worth of tasty sushi, I rode a little further down the road to Yamada Denki. I would have went further but I figured there was nothing else worth seeing that far out. Now, the ride back was the tough part! I didn't get a break until I made it home. I didn't really sweat or get that hot, probably because I am getting used to riding long distances again.

So that's about it for today. I'm a little nervous about having my first classes tomorrow but at least I can use the same lesson all week since I have to do an intro lesson for every class I meet. I don't really need to put much planning into this week which is a relief and hopefully I'll get a good idea how each class is so I can prepare better next week. I wish I could shadow somebody for a week to see how they do it but I guess that's impossible now. Here's hoping for the best!

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