Sunday, September 23, 2007

Nature gave me a summer shower...literally.

Today I woke up a little groggy because I boozed it up a little before bed and didn't drink any water before I went to sleep. I spent most of the morning figuring out how to send media stick format videos to my cell phone but couldn't figure out how to get them to work after I figured out how to save them... At least I can use 95 percent of the features my phone came with, which is pretty good seeing as how it is a 2GB mp3 player/Wide screen 2mega pixel camera/day planner/voice recorder. After I added some more music and a couple of new desktop screens to my phone I decided I should get the heck out of my house again. In the end it took me a few hours to motivate myself to go outside again because I didn't want to get caught in the rain just in case the forecast was worse than anticipated.

I ended up riding out about six or seven miles south to another town across the 'river' called Kai-city or something. I checked out a somewhat large pair of department stores and only managed to grab a burger for lunch. I wanted to buy a good pair of cargo pants or shorts but I couldn't find anything that suited my tastes. After I got tired of looking for clothes, I decided to head back home before sunset.

About half way back home I came across a big recycle shop called "kaimasu" which literally means "we buy". I couldn't resist going in again because I am a big anime geek and love spending time looking for collectibles and such to put into my room. I ended up spending about two hours in there going through aisle after aisle of anime and video game collectibles. I left Kaimasu with three more Haruhi Suzumiya figurines and a 104 piece puzzle. Now my Haruhi mini figure collection is complete, now to move onto the bigger figures...

As I stepped outside of Kaimasu I was greeted with a light drizzle and black skies. I spent too much time in the store and the forecasted rainstorm hit my city. So I jumped on my bike and rode back towards my apartment as quickly as I could, but it wasn't fast enough. By the time I got home I was about eight or so pounds heavier and absolutely drenched from head to toe with rain water. At least I was wearing my hat and glasses I purchased the day before or I would have been in bigger trouble because I wouldn't have been able to see during the big downpour I got trapped in.

Today's little adventure was well worth it and I can really feel the burn now in my abdomen and legs from pedaling so much. I am glad I bought a good mountain bike with full suspension or I'd probably not be able to see as much as I already have. From what I can tell, I've explored most of the valley surrounding Kofu city, which is pretty impressive.

Tomorrow I will be at Tokyo Disneyland with Maki. I will get to experience their Halloween festival and get a chance to escape Yamanashi prefecture. It will be a good change of scenery for once. I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow at Disneyland because I want to take lots of pictures and ride Splash Mountain!

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