Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tokyo Disneyland with Maki

Last week, over a few drinks with Maki, I brought up my desire to visit Tokyo Disney during their Halloween festival. Maki seemed pretty excited to hear I wanted to go to Disneyland because she had wanted to for a while but hadn't had a chance till recently. So without any real delay our plans were set in stone and we decided to go on Monday the 24th. It's really cool that she can be so flexible as to make plans like that without much trouble.

I woke up without fail around 5am on Monday mostly because I tossed in my bed for six straight hours. I psyche myself out so badly that I might as well not sleep sometimes and find a book to read or something... If I actually had a book to read. I'll have to order some books from Amazon.com or something for nights like that... Anyway, we ended up leaving little ol' Minami-alps around 6:00 or so because Maki really isn't a morning person and she had a little trouble getting ready.
The morning was a wet one as we drove through three separate prefectures to get to Chiba, where Disneyland is located. The drive went pretty good and I can't recall any awkward silence or anything which is unusual with Japanese people usually. The drive to Disneyland took about two hours and cost about 4,000 yen or so because all highways in Japan use a toll system which is really inconvenient and explains why many Japanese rarely travel cross prefecture/country distances by car, not to mention fuel costs are substantially higher.

We arrived at Disneyland just in time for opening at 8:30am. The weather seemed to be better in Chiba because the clouds were lighter and there weren't any puddles anywhere to be found unlike my city. Tokyo Disneyland is a little different to the one in Anaheim I am used to. For example, the basic layout is different and it's missing a few key rides like the Matterhorn and Indiana Jones. Those other rides are in another adjacent park called Disney Sea which is probably a lot like California Disney but with more stuff to do and 100 percent more Asians. I've been to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland in California many times before but I have never been to a seasonally themed Disneyland before. Japan is really into "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with Jack Skellington and it shows, because the whole place was decked out in Tim Burton fashion stylish cutesy goth I guess. I don't remember that film being done by Disney but maybe they bought the rights or something... Either way, I love Halloween and Disneyland, so it was a good choice to check it out because most rides were spiced up and reworked with Halloween themed regalia. Maybe next time I'll hit Disney Sea, hopefully with a girlfriend or a girl soon to be my girlfriend haha...
We spent a lot of our time in lines because fast pass tickets became useless by noon as all line waits were a tad shorter than grabbing a fastpass ticket. We got to ride Big Thunder Mountain, the canoe adventure, Mark Twain Steamboat, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the haunted mansion a couple times each. I took about 100 pictures and got to screw around with my shutter speed and flash settings a lot too. I still suck at taking pictures at night but my camera helped a lot. I will probably invest in a tripod so I can get night shots without moving my camera and screwing up the exposure.
Maki and me ended up leaving Disneyland around 9pm thoroughly satisfied and exhausted from non stop fun and standing in line all day. Maki wants to try Fuji-Q (roller coaster theme park in Yamanashi nearby) or Disney Sea some time which means I did a good job not boring her at Disneyland.

I have to go back to work on Wednesday, so I will spend all day Tuesday resting my body and do a little grocery shopping for the week. I was kind of looking forward to getting paid this month but I won't be paid till the end of October. I'm glad I saved a lot of money before I left or I'd be absolutely screwed and hating life right now. I'm amazed at how little I've spent over this month despite all the stuff I've done and 6-packs I've devoured. Here's to another good month in October and hopefully some more female prospects.

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