Sunday, October 7, 2007

Found some cheap posters and my 360 headset.

Today I planned to ride out as far as Isawa again but as I was riding further and further away from my apartment I realised that I really didn't need to go out that far to find interesting stuff to do. I ended up going about three quarters of the way out to Isawa instead and bought my 360 headset at a Toys R Us of all places. I was amazed at how many places carried Xbox 360 software and hardware but didn't carry any XBOX live accessories. I understand that the 360 isn't a popular system in Japan but if you sell it, you should support your customers somewhat...

After I secured my 360 headset from Toys R Us, I headed back home but decided to make a detour at Kaimasu which was about four miles out of my way. I could spend hours there just staring at cool figurines and classic hard to find games they have but I decided I'd rather play Halo 3 with Matt before he went to sleep so I cut my search short. I happened to come across a really cool signed movie poster of the Zeta Gundam New Translation which was being sold for a mere 50 yen! I couldn't resist since it looked pretty good and had a signature by Tomino so I bought that and a Ninja Gaiden Black poster. I also found a limited edition copy of Dead or Alive 4 for only 1000 yen so I got that too and rode back home feeling pretty good about my purchases.

Having posters on my walls makes my apartment feel more like my own place now. I will probably buy even more posters to decorate my walls as the months pass since I'm a bachelor and nobody really ever comes over to visit. Even if somebody did visit, they'd know who I am already so the posters wouldn't be all that shocking though they'd truly know I was a fan of anime and games when they finally do see my room.

I ended up playing the last few levels of Halo 3 with my friend Matt over XBOX Live. It was pretty good, almost like he was in the room with me. I look forward to playing more games online with my friends back in San Diego. I never thought technology like this would be found in a simple video gaming console.

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