Thursday, October 11, 2007

I don't look like a bum anymore!

I haven’t written much this week because I’ve been exhausted after work every day. I haven’t particularly done more than I usually do but for some reason I get a stupid headache in the back of my head and I feel completely drained of all energy by the time I get home. I might have a cold or something, I really don’t know. All I do know is that it is getting cold at night which means fall is upon my city, and from what I’ve heard they’re pretty cold and windy.

So I ended up doing a little winter clothes shopping last night after work despite feeling very tired and weak. I bought another pair of work slacks and a couple of shirts to add to my bland collection. I came with business suits but I don’t have to wear them at school, so I’ve been slowly rebuilding my work wardrobe to better match what the other teachers wear at my school. Some casual slacks, a belt and a collared shirt tucked in. Personally, I don’t really like tucking my shirts into my pants but it’s a job I guess…

I also was getting pretty tired of shedding my long, shaggy hair everywhere so I decided to go to a local salon near my apartment. For 3000 yen (about 28 bucks) I got the works, an hour’s worth of meticulous styling and cutting followed up with a relaxing shampoo and hot towel on my face. It felt good and my head literally feels a pound or so lighter. I was surprised how much hair I had on my head when I saw most of it on the ground below me. I had a pretty good conversation with the lady hair stylist who worked on my hair. I guess her husband and her own the salon that is attached to their new house. It is a nice place and I’ll probably go back again despite not really being too keen on paying 18 dollars more for a haircut. But the service is so good, I kind of forget about the price. It’s only once a month, I’ll keep going there I guess. I got to start some kind of regular routine and keep my appearances up.

One last thing that’s happened recently is that a couple of Japanese people have replied to my friendship email ad on a Japanese friend making website. I have been talking to them for about a week and it is looking pretty good. They live locally and we might end up meeting if I play my cards right. I need some more friends my age, and this is the best way to do it. Thank you internet!

That’s it for today. I probably won’t end up doing much this weekend. I’ll probably stay home and play Halo3 and PGR4 with my friends on XBOX Live. I’ve had plenty of exercise lately and I think my body is telling me to take a break and relax. So that’s what I’ll do.

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  1. I've been getting headaches every evening lately.

    I've been getting up a lot earlier this week and for some reason I get headaches in the evenings now.

    Wonder what it is.