Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm too old for this shi-

My body really is starting to hate me I think... I really pushed myself extremely hard today. Unlike every other day here, I actually went out and got some real exercise. The only downside to something that is supposed to be good and healthy for me is that I didn't train for it. f(^_^);

Of all the teachers at my school, only three ran, the other two female English teachers and me. The other teachers either said they were too old to run or were running checkpoints. I was running just for the heck of it and to better connect with the students anyway, so I really didn't care if all the teachers did it or not.
As with all informal school events, I came in a t-shirt and sweatpants. I seem to be building a strong reputation in the school as the guy who has friggin cool t-shirts. Today I wore my blue "game over" t-shirt which has a silhouette of two guys sword fighting and one about to get cut in half. The students thought it was pretty funny and were just as interested in it as my "exit" shirt I wore during the school festival.

I decided to run the full-course 8.679 Kilometer course with the boys because I didn't know better. What would normally be easily doable for me if I were back in San Diego, turned into a hellish beating of my legs and poor lung capacity. The boys started 10 minutes after the girls started but I really didn't see any girls until the end of the race. What I overlooked before agreeing to join the race was that most of the course was UPHILL at about a 6% grade. For the first three or so kilometers, I was doing fine but my legs started to give out on me and I had to slow my pace down to a really slow jog. Just about every boy passed me except for three which I made sure not to pass me up. Another thing that kept me moving was that I wasn't going to loose to a couple of the heavier girls who seemed to loose all energy about 3/4th into it.I am glad I caught up with the girls at least or I really would be pathetic.

I ended up finishing the race in a dismal one hour and four minutes. Most of the students charged through the whole race and ended up finishing in half that time. One thing I realised after the race is that I am horribly out of shape and I might just be getting too old for this stuff. I now see kids half my age with twice the energy and stamina I have. I think its time I look over my lifestyle and see if I can change a couple things to get me back into better shape. Hopefully I'll still be working here next year and I'll be able to put in a better time next year. I guess it wouldn't hurt to train myself (punish my body more) to get a better time and shed a couple of pounds while I'm at it.

After the race was done, I was allowed to go home early for the day. I ended up crawling into bed and sleeping for about four hours until sunset. I was really wiped out after that race and even more sore than I remembered before I took a nap. Stupid old body, why won't you work like you used to? Anyway, thanks to my car, I decided to treat myself to a sushi dinner. It was nice to just drive down at my leisure and have dinner where I wanted. After dinner I decided to drive out to Kaimasu to look at the figures and see if there were any more cheap posters I could snatch up. I spent a good hour and a half just rummaging through aisle upon aisle of anime figures and merchandise. I ended up buying a Bright figure from Gunam 0079(modeled in the top picture) for about 400 yen, a Yuki Nagato figure, and a limited edition manga pack-in figure Misaki from Welcome to NHK.

Yup, I'm an otaku. Its hard to resist buying nicknacks and posters for me. Maybe things will change when I meet a girl... Nah, I'll probably keep my hobbies if she really is the girl for me...maybe she'll even like playing a game once in a while.


  1. Scott, you're only twenty-six! Never say "I'm too old" when you have family twice your age that still can do it! Just kick your but into gear and get to work- harsh words, but they're meant for all of us younger ones that are out of shape.
    - Faye

  2. I suppose you're right. I just felt really exhausted after all that mostly because I haven't had decent exercise for a long time. Maybe next time I won't do so bad. :)