Monday, October 1, 2007

A much needed surprise.

Today went along fairly quick at school. My schedule seems to be getting easier to handle as the weeks pass. I didn't feel too exhausted when I went home today, maybe because I slept pretty well the night before but when I got home I crawled into bed anyway and hibernated for a couple hours. I had some pretty odd 'daymares' if I can call them that... I'm not going to go into any details but I will say I have an incredible subconscious imagination and it scares me a lot.

I decided to go get some food from the local supermarket because I ran out of breakfast stuff so I took my trusty bike and went down the hill for an hour or so. On the way to the supermarket I decided to stop by the post office to withdrawal some money from my Postal Savings account. Today is the first day of the full privatization of Japan's postal savings bank I guess because they had switched to all new logos and stuff. Good for them I guess, I still get free banking anywhere in Japan I want so I don't really notice any difference.

Now for today's surprise, after I withdrew a little cash from the ATM I decided to peek at my bank book to see how much money I don't have till the end of October. To my surprise, my bank account grew about 56,000 yen bigger (about 500 bucks). I wasn't expecting any income from Interac till the end of October but I forgot that they owed me money for the travel I did during training and my ride to Minami-Alps. So I ended up getting a little cash from August I guess. I won't see my September check till November 1st. That seems a little ways off but the way time passes here it will be November before I know it and I'll be rolling in the dough again.

So that's about it for today. I'm hoping that I can do something with one of the English teachers this weekend or something. I'll try to push for dinner or something just so I can hang out with somebody besides Maki. It's not that I don't like being around Maki but I don't want to get bored of her or snap at her. I've felt a little agitated around her lately probably because I've seen her too much. It's just like seeing your friends every day, sometimes you just need some change. Enjoy the weird pictures I snapped with my camera phone at a local anime/game goods shop? My favorite is Pikachu getting taken out by a pokeball. That is exactly what I expect to happen to those poor creatures when you throw plastic capsules at them...

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