Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wearing pajamas in public gets you chicks

I've spent quite a bit of money over the past week and I can't exactly remember why or how. I should probably not withdrawal so much at once and keep it to 3000 yen increments at a time. For some reason it seems easier to part with money in Japan than it was back in the states. Maybe it is how the money is designed and smaller change is actually larger bills like ones and fives that Americans would have. Either way I have been enjoying myself as of late and last night was the icing on the cake.
For the first time since I got back to Japan I went out to a local bar. My friend Josh told me that there was a Halloween costume party at a couple bars in downtown Kofu. Being a big fan of Halloween and any opportunity to wear a costume, I gladly volunteered to be the designated driver for the night and I am glad I was. I bought an adult sized frog pajama suit complete with a frog head hoodie. The tag on it called it pajamas, but I really don't know what kind of man would wear it to bed... well I did eventually but that's because its warm.

I was supposed to meet another girl named Sayaka at the bar for the first time. I really didn't know what she looked like and I honestly didn't have my hopes that high. All I knew about her was that she was in college and she liked talking with me via emails. Either way, I saw last night as a good opportunity to meet new people and maybe even make a couple new friends if possible. After sitting at the bar for about twenty or so minutes Sayaka came out of nowhere and introduced herself. She was dressed as a cat girl and she was pretty darn cute. Sayaka also had a couple of her good friends/classmates in tow.

Sayaka and her friends ended up sticking around me for the remainder of the evening having a couple of drinks and talking about all sorts of stuff. They seemed really happy to meet them but I was even more excited to be talking to other people besides the kids at my school. Having a real social life outside work gave me a really good feeling inside and I've been riding that wave ever since. I also ended up meeting another couple, Nisa and Travis which also live in Kofu. Nisa invited me to hang out with her and Travis on Thursday for a little party and some time at her friend's club. I don't know if I'll be able to make it since its the middle of the week and I have school the next day, but I'll definitely keep that option open.

All in all the Halloween costume party was a ton of fun. I got a lot of compliments on how cute my costume was and I made a ton of connections. I'm not sure if they will turn into true friendships but I'll pursue it until they lead to wherever they may. Hopefully Sayaka and her friends will continue to be interested in hanging out with me. They said they wanted to hang out again soon, so who knows, maybe I finally got the break I was looking for.

So that's it for now. This week at school I'll be teaching my Halloween lesson so I got most of my work cut out for me but I also have to attend a speech contest with a couple of my students on Thursday which I am not really that excited about. It's not that I don't care about the students, I just wasn't given much time with the students to make a real difference. I hope what coaching I have given them will help them at least advance a round or so.


  1. Ha, is that supposed to be Koisumi? :D

  2. OH SNAPS... the pimping begins. Sayaka is pretty damn cute, the nerds demand more pics. Have fun dude, its time.