Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Woo! Today's 3-3 (senior class) bombed hard!

I finally had a lesson fail on me. I'm not absolutely sure if it was how I designed it or if the students just didn't want to pay attention today. Class 3-3 is well known for their rowdiness and can get particularly wild compared to the other classes. I have met with 3-3 four times already and I thought I had seen their worst, but today was way off the crazy meter. Half the class ended up ignoring the lesson all together and the ones that tried to pay attention lost all interest after the first ten minutes. By about 20 minutes into the class I was feeling pretty annoyed and restless to get the class over with. So I bent to the will of the class and ended up ditching my planned lesson for a game of politically correct hangman using the vocabulary I took from their handouts. The class ended pretty well after the hangman but I just felt drained and really embarrassed after class.

For the next couple of hours after 3-3's class I was really down especially since I thought they liked my teaching style. I did ask a couple students what they'd like me to do in class and games seems to be the general consensus, along with a little English Q&A at the end of class. So maybe next time I'll scale back the lesson a little bit and give them a game they will enjoy. I should probably do that for the other classes and grade levels also. I think my lessons are useful but I should get them a little more interested in learning with a fun activity or game that could be related to the day's grammar/vocabulary. It means more work for me but if it makes the day go faster and the students more happy to have me in their class then so be it.

I feel fine now, and actually am a little glad today's class sucked. This gives me the kind of feedback I needed to lead me in the right direction for lesson planning. I don't take 3-3's behavior as directed at me because I know they like me as a person, I just have to get them to like my classes too somehow. I guess that's it for today. Not a very charming entry into my daily log but I guess they can't all be warm and fuzzy.

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