Monday, November 5, 2007

Best weekend so far

I've been incredibly busy over the past week and never thought of writing a blog entry until now. I think its been about a week since I posted anything. Sorry to anybody out there that actually enjoys reading my thoughts on a daily basis.

Nothing really happened during the work week. It was a pretty average week with the exception of attending a speech contest on Wednesday evening. My second grader got an honorable mention and probably would have placed in the top three if it weren't for a little slip up she had near the end. All in all I am very proud of how well my students did and hopefully the next time I have to coach for a speech contest, I will be able to give better advice.

The icing on the cake for last week was my weekend. I was pretty excited about my weekend for once because I had both days planned out. I went out for dinner/drinks with a couple of the teachers from my school on Saturday night and on Sunday I went to Tokyo to visit Naoko. Saturday was pretty fun and I got to know a couple of the teachers I work with a little better. I hope I can go out with them again soon but I'm not keeping my hopes up. The life of a Japanese school teacher is full of stress and hard work. They spend most of their days and evenings at school regardless of whether they are having classes or not. I feel sorry for them in a way but at least they think I'm worth the trouble to take a little time out of their busy lives to chill with me.

As for Sunday, it was pretty fun despite blowing about 100 bucks in one day. I wasn't intending to spend so much money but travel to Tokyo from where I live is very slow and expensive. I also got gouged for money at a day parking lot near the station where I left my car. Most of the money I spent on Sunday went just to the train trip and parking.

Naoko is a really good friend of mine. We've known each other since I was a Sophomore in college. I used to tutor her English conversation when she was studying abroad at SDSU. Now she works for Coach and seems to be really happy with her job. She was really happy to see me again and complimented me on how much my Japanese has improved. I honestly haven't noticed any improvement but I guess living out in the ol' boondocks really gives me the crash course in Japanese I needed. We ended up visiting a few places around Tokyo. I got to see the new Tokyo Midtown towers in Roppongi, and I did a little clothes shopping in Ueno. Near the end of the evening we went to a nice little Thai restaurant called "Golden Flame" in Shibuya. It ended up being some of the best and cheapest food I've eaten in Japan yet and I'm not particularly fond of Thai food either! The restaurant was a little hole in the wall restaurant off the main road. We would have never found it if it weren't for Naoko's keen sense of taste and direction. We ended up spending most of our time together eating and talking at the restaurant.

After dinner Naoko had to rush me onto my train because I had to work the next day and need to get home fairly early. I really wish I could have stayed longer or even for another day because we really didn't get to do much together with the short time we had. I think I spent more time on the train than I did in Tokyo! Next time I go to Tokyo by train I will fork over the extra 4000 yen to go by express train. It is well worth it because it cuts the transit time by 3/4! Instead of taking two and a half hours on the he regular train, the express train gets there in just an hour! I will also park in a cheaper area next time.

So that was it for my weekend. I ended up doing something for once that wasn't by myself! I hope I can keep doing at least one thing with another Japanese person on the weekend from now on. I hate being alone.

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