Sunday, November 25, 2007

A really fun weekend with Yuko.

No, those aren't scratches on my car, that's ice! It's getting friggin cold here and I heard from people at school it will get even colder! Down to -5celsius! I am really glad I have new WARM clothes now or I might have caught a bad cold by now. It's been about three years since I wore winter clothes and I kind of missed them. I like dresssing in layers although it is kind of troublesome when you want to just take them off to go to bed or something. Hopefully my running will allow me to drop a few pounds in my face so I don't look like a fat rolley-poley in my winter jackets.

Contrary to the weather being cold, my social life has been really hot! Man, this has been a good weekend. I have done something every day and managed to spend more time outside of my apartment than in! Thanks to the help of two good friends I have blown through a big wad of cash and didn't even realise it because I was having too much fun. I'm glad payday is this week or I'd be in serious trouble.

This week went by super fast because we had two holidays this week, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. Friday was the start of my very long weekend and it just kept getting better from there. Who am I kidding, this weekend isn't even over yet, it's only Sunday morning! I actually thought Friday would kind of suck because I wasn't really that interested in going to the Yamanashi Teacher's Union new teacher's festival. I agreed to go a few weeks ago when I was having dinner with Takako (one of the teachers I work with). To my surprise it really wasn't bad. In fact, the festival was very fun even though a lot of it was work like helping with traffic control/parking and singing a song in Japanese with a choir(after only one practice!). The real fun actually happened when I was alone with her in her car. We talked a lot about random things and just seemed to really connect. I think we made a real break though. I already knew she was somewhat interested in me somehow, but now it is obvious and I'm going to pursue this opportunity with all I got. Hopefully after this week is over, she'll finally have some real free time on her hands, at least she said she would. I'm hoping to spend more time together with her now that I know she wants to be with me. The best part of all of this is that she sent me a cute text mail on my phone which really dropped a big hint there is something goin' on.

Now on to my other half of Friday.  I had plans to do something with Yuko during the afternoon/evening. It seems now that I can expect to spend the whole evening with her if we end up meeting for lunch. She really likes just driving around and doing random stuff around town with me. Friday and Saturday were no different. We spent a lot of time and money driving around, sight seeing, shopping, and dining. We also went bowling and I managed to get Yuko to have a good time despite the fact that she told me she usually gets frustrated playing because she isn't good. I did a good job helping her with her technique and managed to get her interested in bowling again. I usually would be super tight and frugal with my money near the end of the month or even during any time of the month, but we have such a good time together I really don't mind or regret spending so much.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about what Yuko and I did but I will briefly list what we did so the pictures I display here make more sense. On Friday afternoon, I went to see my school's boy's soccer team play a championship soccer match. It was my first time ever watching a soccer game in person and for the most part I enjoyed it. Regrettably, my school's team lost by one point so their dreams of winning the regionals is over. After soccer we went out for dinner at a steak house and a nearby arcade for a little music game fun with Pop n' Music.

Saturday we spent ALL day together and drove all over town in my car. The biggest part of the day was going back to Shosenkyo during the afternoon to get better pictures. The night time was followed up with a little window shopping at a couple of stores and a light sushi dinner. We finished the night off with a cute movie at my apartment called Ratatouille. It was kind of nice having a REAL friend stop by my apartment for once. Hopefully this will happen more often.
I hope I can do something today (Sunday) with somebody. I am worried about asking Yuko to go out again because I don't want to wear out our relationship so quick and get tired of each other either. The nice thing about Yuko is that she ASKS ME to go out. So maybe she is OK with spending lots of time with me. Anyway, things are going along just fine in my little town and I am glad I will have good friends over winter break. I can't wait for Christmas! It's only a few more weeks away!

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