Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today was super fun.

I had an unusually good and very short day at school today. I was expecting today's class to suck because it was with my only quiet class. Getting them to say anything is like trying to put a cat into a bag. It just doesn't happen easily....

Today I had a breakthrough of sorts with my 'problem' class. The actual class was kind of dry and borderline sucky like it usally is but today something was a little different, today they talked to me after class. The found out I am an otaku. An otaku, for those who aren't familiar with the Japanese term, means fanatic (like a starwars nerd or Trekkie and the like). I don't openly share this particular hobby with many Japanese people I meet but they found out through subtle hints I contiuniously dropped during class. They finally got enough courage to just ask me in English and from there I knew I had a breakthrough. As a matter of fact, people I didn't expect to talk to me just opened right up and started to try to speak English with me. It completely blew my mind. So from now on I won't keep my hobby a secret from my students, but I'll still be careful about it around regular Japanese adults. It just isn't 'cool' to be an otaku, as a matter of fact some people would look down on me if they found out. That kind of sucks...

In other news, my friend Naoko made an unexpected visit to my city today. By coincidence, she came to Kofu on a business trip to check up on a branch shop of hers and met up with me for dinner. We ended up spending a couple of hours just chatting while eating delicious sushi. Naoko is a really nice friend, she always has a way of really cheering me up. I need more people like her around me. It was a nice way to finish this great day off.

This weekend I'm supposed to meet Sayaka and her friends at their college festival. Hopefully we'll get to hang out for a little while. I want to make more LOCAL friends here and they seem like the right kind of people. Maybe I'll even be able to meet more people at their school, which would be equally good. A male friend would be really helpful for improving my natural Japanese communication but girls are just as good too. Hopefully this weekend will be interesting and not too expensive. >_<

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