Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow day!

1174577732447 Thanks to Windows Live Writer, I am finally motivated to make entries to my Blog on a regular basis again. I kind of gave up writing for the past month or so because Blogger's design for posting images and arranging them in blocks of text is counter-intuitive and time consuming. So thanks Microsoft for a free and useful program!

Today I woke up to a pleasant surprise, snow! Not the kind of snow that melts when it hits the ground mind you, no, it's the good stuff that can be made into snowmen and snowball fight ammo. It's been about three years since the last time I've seen snow fall like this and I'm happy I got to see it in Japan. I've been wanting it to snow since Christmas but I guess the timing was DSC00019perfect because it made my day at school really fun.

  My winter break was just long enough to feel like I got enough rest and make me miss work. Getting back into  the swing of things was really easy, contrary to my worries I had over the break. My students seem pretty happy to have me back and I am glad that I fit in pretty well at my school.

Anyway, today was pretty fun at school. I had a half day but I decided to stick around for an extra hour to play with my students in the snow during lunch break. We ran around the field having snow fights and making snow-men. It was a great opportunity to make myself even more approachable and likeable for my students. I was the only  DSC00037teacher that went out into the snow to play and the students really appreciated it.

As I type this blog entry, it's still snowing just as much as it did when I woke up early this morning. The fields around my apartment look really beautiful with a fluffy layer of snow. I guess that means I can't go out for a jog today unless I want to break a leg and catch a cold...

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  1. Wow- you are a super cool teacher! I'd be out there playing with them too, though you know most teachers wouldn't!