Friday, January 25, 2008

Whale. It's the other, other dark meat.

1182114613739 Today I had the "pleasure" of eating the largest mammal on planet earth. If you haven't guessed what it is by now, I'll tell you, I ate whale. What species of whale, I really don't know but I do know this: whale isn't very tasty. It was served up in bite sized cubes drenched in some kind of sweet sauce. I didn't taste much whale but I did taste the sauce and it was hands down one of the least tasty things I've eaten so far in Japan.I was kind of expecting something incredibly tasty since they happen to be such a "delicacy" in Japan, but it wasn't even slightly delicious. In fact, whale has almost no taste, its tough and dry and it really leaves me wondering why a first world nation still hunts these animals for consumption. What's really funny about all this is that just about every student and teacher I talked with said they didn't like the taste of whale and most didn't even eat it.
So why was whale even on the menu today? I feel kind of bad for what I did but I wasn't about to let the whale's sacrifice go to waste. I paid for it so I was going to eat it, and I did... It was the first time and the last time I will ever eat whale. If dolphin is ever served up I'm just going to skip lunch for the day. I really hope that doesn't happen but if we ate whale, the possibility for dolphin is high.
4BFPX3FHQ2IKK545F72SNFR5GWXTO765 On a lighter note, school was fun today. Fridays are always my easiest days for some reason, which makes my weekend feel longer than it really is. Today's classes really followed along today and looked as if they enjoyed class for once so I got to leave school on a good note. Next week should be a good week too since it's payday on Wednesday. I can finally buy Yuko her Christmas present. I feel really bad about not having anything for her over Christmas but she knows how important to me it is to keep my budget and save money. This will be the first month I have a hefty surplus of funds so I can make up for not giving her a Christmas present sometime next weekend...
Well, that's it for today. I'm having dinner with Yuko tonight, hopefully the food I eat tonight will take my mind off the horrible taste of whale.

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