Monday, February 11, 2008

Friggin' cold but comfortable

Despite unscientific claims of global warming these days, it has been unusually cold in Japan this year. It has snowed four times this winter and it's supposed to snow even more in my city which is unheard of. It snowed all day the day before so I thought today might be ruined by bad weather but the exact opposite happened, it was clear and sunny all day long.
DSC00014This week has been pretty cold due to it snowing twice in less than three days. I am only cold when I am walking in the hallways of my school or changing shoes. My apartment is very warm and energy efficient so  I have been able to live quite comfortably despite the harsh weather. The only bad thing that happened this week is that my microwave died and my electric stove is starting to crap out. My property manager is supposed to come this week and repair the stove and replace the microwave, hopefully free of charge.
DSC00009 I celebrated Setsubun with Yuko on Sunday. It is a Japanese festival where you drive out bad sprits from the home and invite good ones in by throwing beans at a person acting as the resident demon(me). In the picture above you can see the mask she made for me. I now have it hanging in my room as a decoration. It was really fun to play the part of the demon and Yuko enjoyed throwing beans at me.
DSC00021 I've been wanting to visit Disney Sea for a while with Yuko and I finally got a chance last week. One of Yuko's sister's friends didn't want their tickets so we got them at a reduced price of 4000 yen each and a free round trip bus ride courtesy of Yuka's Uncle. Without these savings I doubt I would have been so interested in going to Disney Sea for full price.
 DSC00090 Disney Sea is like California Disney, in which it is a separate park adjacent to Disneyland, but that's about all it has in common. It was a pretty nice place but I prefer Disneyland more. I just prefer the classics like Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.
This Thursday is Valentine's Day and I am really curious if any of my students will give me a Valentine's present. Probably not, but I have presents for them in the form of a special Valentine's lesson and Charlie Brown video. It will be a pretty relaxed week at school and I'm looking forward to closing out this school year with DSC00084them on a good note. Hopefully the new 1st years that come at the end of next month will be just as good as my current 1st and 2nd years.
That's it for this entry. The only other news is that my mother has set plans to visit me for a little more than a week at the end of March. It will be nice to have her visit, hopefully she'll enjoy Japan despite all of its cultural differences and exotic cuisine.

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