Thursday, February 14, 2008

I can cook now!

snoopy-heart Happy Valentine's Day! Today was Valentines Day in Japan and I got more things than I expected I would. Usually I don't get anything for Valentines besides maybe a card from my Grandma or my Mom. Today I got a mystery white chocolate cookie, truffles from the 3rd year English teacher, and my girlfriend bought me a Hello Kitty Valentine cookie/brownie box set.
All in all it was a successful Valentines. I wasn't expecting anything from the 3rd year English teacher but I was expecting something from the DSC00005cute 2nd year teacher which I got absolutely nothing from besides a hello. The 3rd year teacher was also surprised that the 2nd year didn't give me anything. Maybe I'll get something from her tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath. Also, my girlfriend will be relieved that no students gave me valentines this year which was also a little let down for me. I thought I'd get something, oh well.
DSC00004 For the past week I've been stoveless and microwaveless. A new stove was installed the night before. I got to test it out with my first batch of spaghetti. It really gets hot fast and cooks things evenly and reliably compared to the old piece of junk I had before. I'm glad the old stove broke. Maybe my microwave will be replaced by an equally good microwave.
The school year is winding down and the 3rd years are noticeably restless. 18 more days till they graduate and move on and out of my life. I will miss most of them except for 85 percent of class 3-2 (I never connected with them.) I wonder if the school year is going to end sooner for me than is planned by my company. If that's the case, it would be great to have an extra few more days to relax between school semesters.
Tonight I'll take Yuko out to dinner for Valentine's Day. I bought us a strawberry ice cream cake. Hopefully she'll enjoy it.

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