Friday, February 29, 2008

They actually cared. Who knew?

1171379829882 Today was my last day with the 3rd year students. I guess because of all their 'hard work' they get to finish their classes three weeks earlier than the other students. This creates an unusual air in the classroom because I know they are already in another high school as far as they're concerned.
My last class for my good classes was a mix of listening review and word games. Nothing particularly interesting or exciting for a final class. I was kind of caught off guard when I found out it was the last class with them. I was expecting to have another week where I could give out the remainder of my prizes and stuff. I hope I didn't come off as cold or uncaring to the students. Oh well, they seemed happy enough when I dropped my lesson half way through and went into game mode to appease them.
The class I was least excited to close up with was 3-2. I've had a problem connecting with them the whole semester. It's really been a hit or miss class. There isn't any way to tell if they're willing cooperate or not. Some days they'd be on the ball but more ofthen than not they'll be in another zone or in zombie mode at their desks. Today was different though, being the thought ful teacher I am, I let them break up three decks of UNO cards and play till the end of class. About eight students circled around me and we talked one on one in Japanese and English. Students I thought could care less about English or me, came up to me and said they regretted not having an opportunity like today to talk to me one on one. It was truley shocking how many came up willing to talk!
All in all, class 3-2 actually enjoyed having me in their room but they just didn't show it till the last possible moment. I got to know a lot about some of the students that came to talk to me. Many students that did talk to me were fairly good at speaking English although they didn't have very much confidence in doing so. Being able to speak Japanese really helped a lot to break the ice between them. I'm glad my Japanese Bachelor's degree is getting some practical use.
So today was a pretty neat day. The class I dreaded the most turned out to be not so bad after all. It's kind of a shame they will all move on to other schools where their English experience may or may not be so interesting to them. I can't say I am a great English teacher but at least I know I make their class comfortable enough to enjoy it.

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