Saturday, March 22, 2008

I don't miss Tokyo as much as I thought I did...

T2OBQ7BZDFYRZL45NVBAIHKNNTJCXJTR In an unexpected turn of events, I was summoned by my company to their headquarters in Tokyo for a not so fun two days of training. Immediately, I started to feel like I did something wrong or they were going to change schools or something for me. Part of my assumptions were correct, but I'll get into that later.
From past travel experiences to and from Tokyo; I decided not to mess around with slower, more cost-effective, modes of travel and went all out by buying express train ticket. It ended up costing about 1,000 yen less than I expected but it was still a hit to my savings at 3,510 yen one way. The during the one and a half hour train ride thoughts of what may have gone wrong or will change raced through my mind. I felt absolutely horrible and more nervous than I probably should have been. When it comes down to it, I hate frequent change. Some change is good but being uprooted and shaken up every three to six months isn't healthy.
The good thing about my little training trip was that my company put me up in a business hotel on their own expense. It helped a little bit but I won't be reimbursed for my travel expense till next pay period. I suppose that's better than not getting anything back at all. I just wish this training happened later because I am expecting to spend a few hundred dollars with my mom when she visits here next week.
The training sucked up one of my national paid holidays which really didn't please me much. I would have preferred to be sitting at home playing lost odyssey than sitting in a tiny business hotel tossing and turning in an uncomfortable bed.
I was penciled in at the last moment and even the trainer was a little surprised to see me there. I got a little refresher on how to teach at an Elementary school level and I also got to talk to some new hires about how the job was like; something I wish had happened to me when I got here seven months ago. The training  it's self, wasn't all that bad. I learned the training wasn't designed for me but it still helped me with some ideas on how to improve my classes and lessons.
C5VKQZH2JOX3PQNBIHBKYGEJ3IJYIHKXI found out my worries were unfounded when I returned from my two day trip. My scheduler sent me a schedule for the 2008-9 school year showing me what new schools were actually added to my work load. To my relief I got to keep my original JHS four out of five days a week. I had a new JHS and elementary school added to my schedule, where I will only have to meet them once a week on Tuesdays. I'm not sure how that will go but at least I won't be dashing back and forth between schools on the same day. The two new schools are one in the same, which means they are deeper in the country and probably a fairly small merged elementary/JHS school.
I guess I get my mild pessimism and worries from my mother. I try hard to make myself as positive and forward looking as possible but sometimes my genes get the worst of me... Here's hoping my new schools are just as interesting and fun.

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