Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm touched.

lost_odyssey_japon I recently purchased the international version of Lost Odyssey from brand new for much less than I could buy it new in Japan or America. Its been a while since I've gotten into a game straight from the beginning. The graphics although the best any current RPG or even game has offered up to this point, has nothing on the story and characters in this game. Most games today focus mostly on pushing graphic style while most often overlooking story. Lost Odyssey does every thing right and really takes the Japanese RPG genre back to it's roots in the best sense possible.
I think the best feature of the game is not how well it plays and looks but rather the well written dreams you get to read throughout the game. These 'dreams' read like a novel, a very well written one at that. Maybe I've gotten soft being alone in my little slice of Japan for too long but the dreams that Kaim (the main character) often get me choked up. They are just stories, I know, but they are so touching and well written that I can't help but sympathize for the main character.

So I will be spending many hours playing Lost Odyssey long into the foreseeable future. I'm glad I bought this game and I hope the game sells well enough that it outshines other long standing RPG series in Japan. It deserves all the credit it can get.

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