Thursday, April 17, 2008

Its like starting all over again.

yotsuba oww The new school year just started in Japan about a week ago. With a new school year comes new faces for both the staff and students. I was hoping things wouldn't change much at my primary junior high school I work at but things did change, a lot! This year my primary junior high school is short one English teacher compared to last year, so I now have to teach 1st graders (7th graders in America) with the art teacher who doesn't really know English. At first, I was really worried about how teaching English with the art teacher would work out but it looks like it will work out somehow. I've had to change my class style a bit to accommodate for the change but I think I've had a good first impression with the 1st graders.
The only thing that is kind of disappointing about my primary junior high school is that I only teach English with one of the two English teachers. The other new English teacher is too busy teaching regular classes to add me into her schedule which is too bad. It's not her fault though, its just how the staffing worked out this year. I doubt I'll really get to know her which is really a shame because she seems like a nice lady. I really miss my original English teaching staff and I wish at least two stayed so I could have a full staff like last year. At least I still have one familiar face to work with.
As for my new elementary school, it is like a breath of fresh air. We only meet once a week on Tuesdays but I already feel as if they've accepted me into their school as a regular. Teaching English to little kids is really exhausting but it is also fun since they all are so full of energy and more willing to do stuff compared to their older junior high peers. It seems I worried too much about adding new schools to my work load because every thing has worked out somehow for the best. I am super relieved!
I guess since I am on a positive note I want to share one little neat thing happened to me on Monday after school. Normally, I leave school an hour or two before students go home, but Monday I stuck around for a CPR seminar. On my way out from school I met a couple of graduated 3rd graders from last year. They told me they really miss being at my school and especially miss my classes. They said that I made school fun. I was really impressed and it was just the thing I needed to lift my sprits. I always felt as if I never really connected with the past third graders but it's nice to have a little closure.
Next week I'll visit my other junior high school. Hopefully I receive just as warm as a reception as I have from my other schools. I miss you Ms. Saito and Ms. Yoda!

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  1. Hey Scott,

    Glad to hear you're off to a good start! Can you put up some pictures of your vacation and a little blog on that?