Monday, May 26, 2008

The first choice isn't necessarily the best

TXIILVZJQ3MOFAZNS4Q3V6247NF2EB2X Last time in my ever growing blog story; I went on a long rant about the cost of moving and renting in Japan. After sitting down and thinking it over for a little while, Yuko and I came to the conclusion that although Leo Palace apartments are modern and well set-up, they are also the most over-priced places to live in Japan.
After deciding that moving to another Leo Palace wasn't the right solution, we bought a really thick monthly renters guide with all the apartment listings of my area. We ended up finding about eight buildings that met our criteria (in order of highest importance) price, location, and interior. On Sunday we set aside the whole day for apartment shopping. Just about all of the apartments we looked at were either too old and decrepit or didn't seem to give much reason to move to another home. 
We visited about four separate realtors and came up with nothing decent until the last try of the day. The last apartment we looked at was the best of all the apartments we looked at and it filled all of my criteria for a new apartment. Although it is about 20 years old, it is in pretty good shape and is insanely cheap. The apartment is about the same size as my current one except that it has a high ceiling with a large loft space for either bedding or storage. The apartment is also the last apartment in the block of apartments so I don't have any neighbors to my left or right of my bedroom due to the layout of the building. Another highlight about the apartment is its price of 29,000 yen ($290) a month compared to what I pay now for a similarly sized room in the middle of nowhere 51,000 yen ($510.) The final and best detail about the apartment is that it won't bankrupt me to move into it, reikin and shikikin were waived and I only have to pay for two years of insurance (about 1 month's rent) and the realtor fee (one month's rent.)
On Tuesday Yuko and me will make preparations to cancel my current apartment's contract so we can sign a new one with the better apartment owner. I'm praying that there won't be any more move out fees besides cleaning for my current Leo Palace apartment. I know they will also try to charge me for the days I am not living in the apartment if I move out in the middle of the month, so I am going to figure out the most economical day to move out. It looks like things are going to work out and I'll be able to save even more money, which will help me get closer to my original money saving goals. I look forward to moving into another apartment in a more populated area!

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