Thursday, May 8, 2008

Golden Week

DSC00005 What's Golden Week you may ask? Well, Golden Week is a block of national holidays Japan has during the first week of May. To my luck, Golden Week was more like Golden Weekend because it started on Saturday and ended on Tuesday...
DSC00011 The cool thing about Golden Week besides the fact that I don't have to work is that lots of cool decorations get put outside. During the block of holidays that are celebrated in Golden Week, there is one particular one that I really think is cool. Children's Day, a day when kids get money gifts and families fly giant carp kites outside their homes and over mountain ravines and what not. The carp windsocks are flown for the boys in the family. Its a nice sign that spring is ending and summer is right around the corner.
DSC00001 Speaking of summer, its less than a couple months away now and I can't wait. I am seriously considering taking a two week break from Japan around the end of July-early August to escape the humid weather and to clear my head. I have been searching online with Japanese travel agencies and I think I might have found some reasonable prices for round-trip tickets in July. Reasonable prices to me mean no higher than 1000 dollars round trip. My girlfriend Yuko might want to come along with me so we are trying to plan stuff out. Maybe Yuko can help me find something even cheaper than I found...
DSC00002 In other news, I bought a new fish tank over the weekend. I couldn't resist the 30 percent off sale at the local pet store and grabbed five tiger barbs, two catfish, and five neon tetra. Yuko was against it at first but warmed up to it once she actually saw how cool the fish tank looked after I set it up in my room. Buying the fish tank kind of reinforced the understanding that I will be in Japan for at least a couple years. I don't plan to move out within the next year because I want to save up enough money to restart my life back in San Diego. At the rate I am saving, I think I can have a decent chunk of cash in another year or so along with paying off a good portion of my credit and student loans.

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