Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gotta keep movin' along

fujisawahappy Quite a few things happened over the past couple of weeks between blog entries. I set up a new fish tank, started a drinking diet, and started looking for a new apartment among a few other things I will share with you all later. 
About a week ago the balance of life in my fish tank went to all heck. I had a severe ick outbreak that managed to wipe out almost all the life in my fish tank. It’s the first time I ever had to deal with an ick epidemic, so I didn’t realize what was going on until it was way to late to do anything but watch my poor fish suffer and die. For those who don’t know what ick is, ick is a parasite that latches on to fish and sucks the life out of them till they can’t swim any more, causing them to die. Ick looks like tiny grains of salt on the skin of fish and if not checked for on a regular basis can turn into a full blown disaster.
DSC00002 I spent about 10 bucks on a ick remedy for the water in my tank but only managed to save all but three fish in my once flourishing tank. All of my tiger barbs died, and most of the neon tetra died but my Corey catfish were still as healthy as the first day I got them. My Corey cats seem to be immune to this recent wave of ick, which is cool because they are the most expensive fish in my tank. I plan to add more fish to my tank this weekend now that the ick has subsided and my water has been treated to prevent future outbreaks.
yebisu[1] In other news, I have been alcohol free for two weeks and it actually feels kind of good to not drink so much. The main reason for deciding not to drink so much is not just due to it being unhealthy but rather that drinking alone is really retarded and I realized I don’t get anything out of it. I also made a resolution to completely stop drinking Japanese happoshu (cheap fake bears made of soy or other substitutes for hops and barley). Happoshu is nasty stuff and gives me some gnarly hangovers compared to a tasty stout or a good smooth malt beer. I still will be able enjoy a cold one every once in a while but now the urge to have a beer with every dinner isn’t as strong as it was and my spare tire is glad to hear that. Hopefully my reduced intake of beer and fatty foods will help me loose a few pounds in strategic places… I really want to wear a muscle tee one day and look good in it like I did five years ago.
DSC00001 I got fed up with the inconsistent audio levels between my TV and my game systems that I went out and bought an AV system. I am a fairly tech savvy guy and can fix a few things on DVD drives, PCs, and audio equipment, so I decided to take a chance on a Sony 5.1 DVD combo AV system I found at Hard-Off (a recycle shop) for 4,000 yen. The system was missing the center speaker but for 40 bucks it was a steal even though the DVD drive was supposedly bad. I mainly bought it for its audio features and getting the DVD player to work was just a little project for me that I really didn't care if I got working or not. Well, to my surprise it was really easy to fix the DVD-ROM on my AV set. All I had to do was search online for how to access the service menu to re-calibrate the drive and presto, a perfectly working system! I also cleaned the laser with a special laser cleaner for 800 yen!
DSC00004I am very pleased with my AV system purchase, I ended up getting a lot more than I paid for. I mean, I got a 5.1 stereo system with a subwoofer for under 50 dollars, that's just insane. I am really surprised hard-off didn't try cleaning the laser at least, oh well its their loss and my gain! I just know what kind of 'junk' to take chances on.
Because of my 'new' AV system, I decided to re-arrange my room again. Now my room has surround sound between 8am and 10pm daily (my walls are too thin for my subwoofer.) I am pretty sure this is the final layout of my room because moving wires is a pain in the butt. I think the new set up looks pretty good and it is much easier to play games without straining my neck looking up at the screen.
1185384548759 The last thing that’s happened recently is that I finally am tired of living in my shoe box apartment. I have been trying to justify living out in the middle of nowhere for almost a year now, but I realized that I haven’t really benefited from living so far away from anything interesting. Thanks to the Internet and my girlfriend, I’ve managed to find a couple of better and cheaper places to live. My current apartment is about a 15-minute walk from my primary junior high school which was kind of convenient till another two schools were added to my work load this semester. Now that I have to go to the mountains once a week, driving a car has become a work necessity. This has got me to really think about just sucking it up and moving to a better neighbor hood and home. The most interesting thing near me is a department store called J-Mart and the closest grocery store is about five miles away, making life fairly inconvenient. So before summer hits, I plan to move into the city. This weekend I am supposed to check out a couple of places that are about 100 dollars less a month and near a lot of restaurants and interesting places that have a NIGHT LIFE!

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  1. Nice audio is always great for gaming!
    Hope you get a nicer apartment.

    I always hated ick in my fish tanks too. Good luck with the fish tank.