Thursday, May 8, 2008

Uncle Scott

2008.04.30_EJH_B-Day_128As I was sleeping thousands of miles away in Japan, I became an Uncle. My sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy on April 30th.  My new nephew's name is Elijah and I look forward to seeing him up close hopefully this summer.

Life seems to be moving even faster now that I am out of college and doing my own thing in Japan. Becoming an uncle helps put my life into better perspective. The longer I am away from my home in America, the more I realize that life in Japan is temporary and just another step towards something better back in America. Now I just need to find a new goal to focus on and get on with my life. I want to become a manga (Japanese comic book) or Anime (Japanese animation) translator or work at an electronics company like Sony doing some kind of manual translation or online game support. Hopefully I can get my foot in the door within a few years from now, if not sooner. I want a career of my own so I can also hopefully have a family of my own.

Congratulations Faye and Matt!

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  1. Hey Scott,
    It was exciting to see Elijah's picture on your blog today. We really hope to see you this summer! AND we hope that you are able to get one of your dream jobs close to home someday soon!