Friday, May 30, 2008

We got one!

fujisawahappy After looking at a boat load of apartments I finally found one that fit all three of my criteria. The apartment I finally decided upon was the last and cheapest apartment of the bunch. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be to find another apartment that was cost effectively worth while moving to.
The moving date is officially set on June 28th and I can't wait! I can't believe its almost been a year since I moved into my boring apartment out in the countryside. When I look back at all the stuff I did there, I am really glad I finally got enough guts to move out and try something new. I haven't done anything memorable in my current area and I am happy I am moving to a more alive and interesting area.
The new apartment I will be moving to is just about as big as my current one, as far as dimensions go but there are a few differences that make it better in my opinion. The first difference is that it is on the last apartment in the row of apartments I live in, so I won't have a neighbor's bedroom/living room on either side of me because of how the place is laid out. I also get a huge loft which feels almost like a second room when I climb up into it. Hopefully I can bring a power cord up there or something to use my laptop or other portable devices up there. The final cool thing about the apartment besides the insanely cheap rent ($290 a month) is that it has a little private back yard just for me.
Location is another big difference between apartments. The new apartment is in the city this time and is about 2.5Km from Kofu station. I am within a short bike ride from two major grocery stores, restaurants, and a couple of electronics stores. I am also within walking distance from the city art museum/park which I plan to jog around in the evenings. Now that I will be living so close to many things, I will try to ride my bike more for shopping and to get to other forms of entertainment.
The only downside for the new apartment is that it doesn't have a parking lot adjacent to it, so I will have to walk down the road about a minute or so to get to my car. Second, I have to drive to work daily now which means I have to leave home earlier. The last downer is that I will need to buy a washing machine or find a nearby laundromat to do my laundry since my place doesn't have one. I do have to pay one month's worth of rent to shikikin and to the realtor, plus one month's rent in advance, bringing the move in cost to almost $1,000 but its a ton less than the other places I was considering. These things don't seem so bad for the price and layout of the place though, and won't change my lifestyle at all. 
Now that I found my apartment, I have to prepare for my Japanese driver's licence test. I am really not looking forward to it because it costs a lot of money and many people fail the driving test a couple of times because its overly strict and complicated. Hopefully I will have good luck and get my licence within the first try. I really pray that I do!


  1. Interesting. How can you drive if you haven't taken the driving test?

  2. Simple. I have an International Driver's Permit. Unfortunately it expires in August, so I need to get an official Japanese license soon.