Friday, June 27, 2008

Japanese get all the good swag

funny-pictures-cat-birdcage To anybody who actually comes here on a regular basis expecting updates, I am sorry. I haven't really been busy at all, I just kept forgetting to write anything in my blog. Life has been pretty good as of late and I can't wait for my moving day which will happen in a couple days from now. So, what's happened since the last entry? Let's find out.
Last weekend my new apartment contract/lease were finalized signed. I was very happy when I was handed my room key because, technically its the first apartment I chose and set up on my own. My apartment is about 20 years old and nowhere as bright or clean as my current jail cell, but its in a great area and dirt cheap. Unfortunately its going to take a little TLC to get it up to my standards of clean and functional. I plan on cleaning the tobacco smoke stained wallpaper in the kitchen and touch up the bedroom door's trim paint because it's horribly stained. I completely forgot for those things to be taken care of before I move in and I figure I've already caused enough trouble for such a cheap apartment, so I might as well do it carefully on my own.
As for other improvements I plan on doing to my 'new' apartment, I plan to put rocks down in the back yard because I don't want to see dirt and it will give me something nice to look at besides my neighbor's fence. Maybe, I'll buy a Japanese stone lantern and make a little Japanese garden... or not.
DSC00003 My final bit of news is that Indiana Jones finally made it to theaters in Japan. I have been planning to watch it ever since I saw advertisements in the local newspaper for its June release. Yuko and me decided to watch the late show (cheapest 1,200 yen tickets) on opening day, Saturday. I bought a set of movie programs and posters for 1,800 yen because I am such a big Indiana Jones fan and love collectibles. I won't go into details but I enjoyed the newest Indiana Jones movie. It may not have been as good as the first three but it stuck to character and gave me the minimum entertainment value I expected. There were plenty of problems in the movie but all in all it was good summer action movie and I am glad it wasn't as bad as the newer Star Wars films.
This will be my final entry before I move to my new apartment. I won't have any internet access until next Thursday. When I have my internet back up in my new apartment, I will post pictures of the move so you can see my new place.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I was an undertaker today.

ferretangel Last month, I helped my friend Erica buy a couple baby ferrets at a big pet sale I found in the paper. Every thing was fine with them until a couple weeks ago when one of the ferrets, Itachi, got really sick and had to be taken to the pet hospital. Fortunately Itachi bounced back and is its normal self now after a simple operation. But today something really weird happened. Its brother, Squeakers, died mysteriously this afternoon. Squeakers was the healthy one that never showed any problems or fatigue like the other ferret that had to go to the hospital.
Erica asked me if I could help her burry Squeakers in an empty field near my apartment. So I agreed and dug a grave for it near an orchard. It was weird for me to dig a grave and burry a pet. I've never seen or held anything dead before so it was kind of strange for me. I think I held up pretty well though because I picked it up and gently laid it in its final resting place. After Erica left, I read Psalms 23 and said a little prayer for it and Erica. I wish I could have done more but at least I did something.
I hope Erica will be OK, the ferrets are like her kids to her. I also pray that her other ferret, Itachi, remains healthy and lives a long and happy ferret life. I am happy I could do something to help, even if it was its last burial right and a Psalm over its grave. Hopefully its in ferret heaven or something like that.