Friday, June 27, 2008

Japanese get all the good swag

funny-pictures-cat-birdcage To anybody who actually comes here on a regular basis expecting updates, I am sorry. I haven't really been busy at all, I just kept forgetting to write anything in my blog. Life has been pretty good as of late and I can't wait for my moving day which will happen in a couple days from now. So, what's happened since the last entry? Let's find out.
Last weekend my new apartment contract/lease were finalized signed. I was very happy when I was handed my room key because, technically its the first apartment I chose and set up on my own. My apartment is about 20 years old and nowhere as bright or clean as my current jail cell, but its in a great area and dirt cheap. Unfortunately its going to take a little TLC to get it up to my standards of clean and functional. I plan on cleaning the tobacco smoke stained wallpaper in the kitchen and touch up the bedroom door's trim paint because it's horribly stained. I completely forgot for those things to be taken care of before I move in and I figure I've already caused enough trouble for such a cheap apartment, so I might as well do it carefully on my own.
As for other improvements I plan on doing to my 'new' apartment, I plan to put rocks down in the back yard because I don't want to see dirt and it will give me something nice to look at besides my neighbor's fence. Maybe, I'll buy a Japanese stone lantern and make a little Japanese garden... or not.
DSC00003 My final bit of news is that Indiana Jones finally made it to theaters in Japan. I have been planning to watch it ever since I saw advertisements in the local newspaper for its June release. Yuko and me decided to watch the late show (cheapest 1,200 yen tickets) on opening day, Saturday. I bought a set of movie programs and posters for 1,800 yen because I am such a big Indiana Jones fan and love collectibles. I won't go into details but I enjoyed the newest Indiana Jones movie. It may not have been as good as the first three but it stuck to character and gave me the minimum entertainment value I expected. There were plenty of problems in the movie but all in all it was good summer action movie and I am glad it wasn't as bad as the newer Star Wars films.
This will be my final entry before I move to my new apartment. I won't have any internet access until next Thursday. When I have my internet back up in my new apartment, I will post pictures of the move so you can see my new place.

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