Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long dirving center interview is long

yamanashi_mascot I finally went to the city driving center (its kind of like the DMV but run by police instead of clerks) today. I had to come in for an interview concerning the translation of my drivers license and the process in which I got it.
The interview was incredibly long and was completely in Japanese. Thankfully I had some one with me to help me out with the harder words I didn't know but I was able to answer most of the questions on my own. A few of the questions were pretty ridiculous, for example they asked what animal is the mascot of my home state, and what color/ model was the car I drove when I took my driving test.
The interview lasted for about three hours. It lasted long not because I answered slowly but rather because there were so many questions and so many details I had to go into.
To my relief I passed the interview with no problems even considering that I have a Class C commercial license with HAZMAT endorsements. I was expecting my license class to be a problem but it ended up helping me through the interview because the interviewer had more respect for me since I was such an experienced driver.
manga42qx So the next step are the written test and driving tests. I made an appointment to take them on the same day on July 25th. I will also take a 50 minute practice drive on the official closed course on the 20th to check for any problems with my driving and to get a few tips on how to pass the test. I really want to pass on the first try but I don't expect to because it is incredibly strict. Even stricter than my commercial license tests and training. I'm praying for the best outcome.

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