Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a relief!

DSC00020 I finally moved to my "new" home last weekend. I would have posted abut this sooner, if I had Internet access sooner. Thanks to my little car and Yuko, I was able to move all my possessions in one trip. I filled my car with all the heavy stuff and gave Yuko all my clothes and bedding to take in her car. The actual move took a total of three hours to box up every thing and toss it into our cars. I was surprised how much stuff I could fit into my car. I can probably attribute my packing skills to my work experience with FedEx Express. Neatly packing airline containers with unusually sized packages was a practical way to teach me the basics of space management.
DSC00024All of my utilities, besides Internet were set-up on the same day I moved. I was really impressed how efficient and quickly my utilities were taken care of. After I unboxed most of my belongings and arranged my room just about the way I wanted it to be, I went to a home supply store to buy some things for the apartment. I ended up buying new electrical outlet covers because they were all brittle and stained from the previous smoker tenant. I also bought a plastic clothes dresser and a new TV table. After moving and buying all that stuff, I was completely worn out and slept like a baby in my new room all night long.
DSC00016  I forgot to take pictures of my room before I moved my stuff in to prove how cigarette smoke stained the outlets and trim were so you'll have to take my word for it. I've only painted a couple of doorways and my window but I plan to finish the rest of the trim in my house on a day off in the near future.
I also forgot to take pictures of my nasty kitchen wallpaper. My kitchen wallpaper was incredibly yellow and  mad my kitchen look really dark. The kitchen wallpaper also had an odd 'funk' that mostly disappeared with a fresh coat of paint. It cost about 25 bucks for DSC00013paint and supplies to touch it up but I think it was worth it in the end. If I didn't have such a hatred for cigarettes and their smell, I probably wouldn't have painted anything in the house and lived with it but I'm a neat freak and can't relax till certain things are clean.
I haven't started on my back yard but I will get around to it some time next month when it isn't raining so much. I put down two 10kg bags of rocks down but it barely covered a quarter of my yard. It will probably cost me another 20 bucks to properly cover the yard but I think it will also be worth it. I plan to get a little BBQ grill and relax in my yard on weekends this summer.
I think my new apartment is about the same size as my last apartment but its layout is much better. The apartment's layout DSC00009is so well done that I can't hear any of my neighbors like I could in my previous apartment. It also helps that my apartment is on the end of the row of rooms so I only have a neighbor above and to one side of me. I think my first floor neighbor's bathroom and kitchen are right next to mine so I never hear what he's doing and my upstairs neighbor's floor is about 15 feet over my head in the living room so my TV/games won't bother her. It also helps that our sleeping area is in an overhead loft which helps  keep the place even quieter than I could ever hope for.
DSC00010I am very happy I finally moved to a place I like. I am also very happy with the location of my apartment. I am in a central location now so entertainment, restaurants, and shopping are literally minutes away from my home by car or bike. I can also walk to a nearby art museum/park. The park has some nice carp ponds and tons of shady trees. It will also be nice to exercise and to wander about my area and the nearby park on boring days alone compared to my last neighborhood which had nothing but fields and no trees. The biggest benefit to moving is being able to saving some more money. DSC00008Rent is about 200 bucks cheaper and I can probably save a little more money on driving on weekends now that I live much closer to every thing I care about. If I end up staying longer, I may end up buying a used car to save even more money. Right now, I pay about 300 dollars a month to lease my car. I can get a used car for about 1,000 dollars which could save me in the long run if its reliable enough.

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