Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Delicious charred mammal flesh...

Yard Renovation 009 Ever since I moved into my new apartment I've always wanted to use my yard as a spot to relax and have a nice BBQ. Before I started cleaning up the yard and fixing the place up, I really didn't feel it was right to have a BBQ at my place because of all the tall grass and dirt back there that would just make things messy and possibly dangerous. Well now that I've cleared out the yard and filled it with pretty Japanese garden style rocks, I now have what I envisioned. A yard for a delicious BBQ.
New kitchen floor 001 Last week or so, I finally got around to buying a grill and all the supplies needed to have a BBQ. Since BBQ's are supposed to be with friends, I had Yuko invite a couple of our friends  over for a BBQ. It worked out pretty good and there was just enough room out there for about 4-5 guests including me. I was a little worried that the smoke from the BBQ grill would be annoying to my neighbors but nobody has complained once during the three times I've BBQed out there since.
New kitchen floor 001 I find there is nothing better than a Japanese style BBQ. I really love their sweet sauce that the meat is dipped in along with a bowl of rice. It really hits the spot and fills me up quick and at a really reasonable price. Before now I had to get my BBQ fix at restaurants which were pretty expensive and a pain to go to because I can't drink there if I drive. Now I just bring the party to my house and its all good. I hope I can have a few more people over for a BBQ before the summer is over. I want to make the most of what I've got now.
New kitchen floor 002

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