Saturday, August 2, 2008

Got a new couch and some fish.

Yard Renovation 005 Summertime in Japan is a time of extreme humidity and the exodus of many English ALTs and JETs. When I lived in my old apartment I met some local JETs from time to time. As a matter of fact, all the JETs that I knew have left or will leave by the end of this month which means I know even less people than before. One of those JETs happened to be moving out mid July and had to unload quite a few things that his predecessors left behind in his school owned apartment. I ended up getting a love seat and a lamp from him. I really lucked out on the color because it matches the stuff in my room.
Yard Renovation 003 Now my room is a lot more comfortable and laid out perfectly for enjoying games and movies. Too bad I don't really have anybody to share my entertainment setup with besides Yuko. Maybe things will change eventually. It would be nice to have some house guests, especially now that my yard is cleaned up and ready for a BBQ.
Yard Renovation 007 Now that its been about a month since I moved in, I decided to add some new fish to the tank. I ended up getting another corycat, two Mickey Plecos, four shrimp, and a blue Beta. The Beta is Yuko's and is pretty cute because it knows our faces now and comes up to say hi (or beg for food.) The shrimp were a pretty nice addition to the tank also, they do a pretty good job cleaning up what the corycats miss and they also look pretty cool. All the fish that Yard Renovation 006 I bought up to this point still don't cost more than the light on top of the tank. My fish tank has been a good investment and another feature of my room that makes it more comfortable for me.
I also added some blinds to my room which really help to keep extra sunlight out during the daytime to help keep down the overall temperature in my room. The blinds were really easy to install and only cost me 500 yen brand-new. They were a perfect fit and really make my room look a lot better. I rarely open that window much so the blinds usually stay shut since I am facing a fence and my neighbor's yard.
Yard Renovation 004 I think I'm done buying furniture for my room. I may trade up my smaller wide screen monitor for a larger one eventually but for now things are pretty good here. If I were to add another piece of furniture it may be a proper coffee table. My kotatsu really is bulky and really clutters up my already limited floor space. I prefer sitting in chairs and sofas and really don't like sitting on the floor like my girlfriend. So I may end up selling the kotatsu and floor seats. Or maybe not. Yuko would complain too much because she thinks the kotatsu actually helps during the winter or something.

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