Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Home improvement

New kitchen floor 001 Up till now I've put a lot of hard work into an apartment I know I won't be living in after a couple years. My girlfriend thinks I'm a little crazy for wanting to fix things around the place, and maybe I am, but its something that has been keeping me happy and busy. Fixing stuff is in my blood and there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after doing something constructive.
New kitchen floor 002 This time I decided I had enough of the original vinyl flooring in my kitchen and picked up 12 packets of fake wood self adhesive floor tiles. The original floor had a really bland pinkish-beige color to it and also had some odd stains on it that I really didn't want to see anymore. The main reason I went through with changing the floor is because the floor tiles were 100 yen per pair of tiles. In other words it was cheap enough and simple enough to give it a shot.
It took me a little over an hour to cut and fit every piece on the floor but it came out looking very professional and nice. Although Yuko disagreed with me re flooring the kitchen, she seemed to really be impressed with how nice it came out and gave up her complaining. Now that I've seen how easy and nice the cheap flooring is to set up, I may finish the job and redo the restroom floor also. The floor in the restroom is a really tacky pinkish color just like the kitchen was and really looks bad against the new flooring in the kitchen. If I can find the same pattern flooring, I may do it by the end of this week since I have one package left. I estimate it would only take about five more packages to cover the floor in there anyway. Its just cutting around the toilet that will be a challenge.
New kitchen floor 004  The only other thing I would like to fix in my apartment are the bathroom walls and ceiling. The bathroom is the only place left that has any hint of the past smoking tenants.  Replacing the unit is out of the question and painting it is also impossible since it is plastic. Hopefully I can find a reasonably cheap industrial strength cleaner or something to bleach the walls out. Its really just the walls and ceiling that are stained, the tub and floor were miraculously spared. Well, that's for another day I guess. I can live with its current state, because I scrubbed it down good and killed every last bit of cigarette stink. My place smells and looks nice now and that's all that matters.
Well, whoever happens to live in this apartment after me will be happy to have such a clean place to live in compared to what I stared out with. If anything I bet they'll raise the rent a little on this place for the next guy.

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