Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where did the summer heat go?

U kids Just one week ago it was over 85 degrees here and then without warning, its time to turn on the heater. When seasons change, they seem to change with little to no transition in Japan. I'm not absolutely sure which is better, the intense heat an humidity of Japan's summer or the intense dry-cold of Japan's winter. I guess both are pretty bad and the  only "season" where every thing is comfortable and nice is limited to just under a month sometime between May-June.
Speaking of cold, I'm really looking forward to going back to San Diego during my winter vacation for about ten days. I wish I had more money saved up for tickets that were cheaper a year ago when I arrived in Japan, but that's just how the sucky airline market works. Life is going to be a little tight in October because I have to pay for my roundtrip ticket in one large lump sum but I'll try to look at it positively since its going toward something meaningful.
New Sharp Aquos TV 007 September has been a weird month for me financially. I just couldn't stop hemmoraging money. It all started when I saw a 32 inch Sharp Aquos at my local recycle shop for 63,000 yen. It was a price too hard to pass up especially when the market for HD flat panel LCD TVs in Japan is over priced and much different from the economical American market I'm used to. It was a big step financially for me as it was about 1/3 of my monthly income in one purchase but I think it was well worth it in the end. I was able to auction off my 7 month old 19 inch monitor and VGA TV tuner box for about 20,000 yen in total. I lost about 4,000 yen on the monitor (which isn't bad since I only owned it for seven months!) and about half the value on the VGA box (which is understandable since its an analog only tuner). So the TV ended up costing about 43,000 yen when offset by my auctioned items.
New Sharp Aquos TV 004 Now that I own such an extravagant item, it kind of forces me to think about how long I am willing to stick around in Japan. Luxuries like this show that I am willing to tie myself down here for another year or so. It is pretty hard at this point to uproot myself and move off somewhere else now that I own so much stuff. This can be good and bad, but I'm more positive about it. Hopefully some of my friends or family from San Diego come over to visit some day. I'd be able to host at least a couple people here simultaneously. I think the TV was a good investment since most of my entertainment comes in either video game form or video format. My laptop also can connect to it via a DVI-I port in the back of the TV which is an awesome feature because I can play my American DVDs on my laptop and blow it up on my TV instead of being limited to my small 15 inch wide screen on my laptop!
 New Sharp Aquos TV 003 The 32 inch wide screen TV looks huge in my tiny bedroom so I ended up rearranging my room layout to better utilize it. My room feels a lot more open and comfortable for guests. My fish seem happier too now that my couch isn't so close to their tank. I think I freaked them out every time I got up from the couch. Playing games and watching movies has never been this good in my apartment. One less reason to go out and waste my money. :)
Well, that's about it for now. I haven't had anything newsworthy to report on my blog for about a month now. Work has been work, neither bad or good and life in Japan is just as uneventful as anywhere else I've ever lived. In a way I am happy for that, I think  my life has finally mellowed out a bit and I've had a chance to adapt to my new lifestyle.
Hopefully life will pick up once more here now that its fall. By the end of October the leaves should be changing colors on the local trees. I'll be sure to go out more and snap some good seasonal pictures.

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