Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fall has come and gone.

Ashiyasu Fall 2008-11-15 017 I promised a while back I'd snap some seasonal pictures and I finally managed to get a whole bunch of them a few weeks back. I completely forgot to post these pictures and only remembered because I was screwing around with my photo folder in windows media center.
Ashiyasu Fall 2008-11-15 019 Fall is kind of special to me because I've lived in southern California all my life. Southern California's seasons consist of a very long spring, summer, and short fall. So seeing trees leaves change colors is pretty neat. Plus, I prefer cold to heat and really like wearing coats and jackets. I think I only owned like one nice heavy jacket in the US... I own about five in Japan and they are used out of necessity rather than just fashion.
Ashiyasu Fall 2008-11-15 014 I snapped these pictures not very far from my own home. Since I live in the countryside, I can practically go out in any direction and find a nice wooded hill or mountain to snap pictures. Only during certain seasonal periods of the year do I actually appreciate living in the countryside of Japan because I really prefer city life more due to my upbringing.
Ashiyasu Fall 2008-11-15 016 I took them in the mountains overlooking my schools in Ashiyasu. Instead of driving out towards Mt. Fuji which I originally wanted to do, we went out to Ashiyasu where the leaves were actually quite beautiful and easy to get to. Weather has been bad on the weekends as of late so I missed the best leaves viewing near Mt. Fuji but at least I have the following pictures to share with all of you.
Ashiyasu Fall 2008-11-15 015 As of writing this entry, most of the trees around my area are either bare or really brown and dead looking. Snow has already capped most of the surrounding mountains and every morning I am greeted with a nice layer of ice on my car window that I have to chip away at with my trusty ice scraper. I am looking forward to seeing snow again but not the cold that it brings along. At least I live in a city now so the winds I complained about so much last year aren't as bad because of all the buildings that server as excellent windbreaks here.
These last two pictures were taken from my phone so their quality are significantly lower.

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