Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A monkey with maracas and the fate of a nation.

571F66~1 Before I get into what the monkey is all about I want to briefly share my thoughts on the outcome of the 2008 presidential election. Despite both candidates being poor presidential nominees by each of their parties, one man had to win tonight. Although I have a lot of worries and misgivings about our new elected president I am taking a positive approach to all of this. I will try to be optimistic and pray that all the crazy scenarios about socialism taking over and the government being turned upside down single handedly by Obama's presidency will turn out to all be unfounded worries. I just pray that America doesn't become any worse off or change drastically in any way for religious groups, belief systems, and our financial class system. Maybe it is time for America to see what "change" can do. I just pray that its the kind of change that America's forefathers would agree with.
DC_MAR~1 Now that all that political garbage is out of my system let us move on to more interesting things (to me.) On one of my random visits to the local recycle shop, I happened to come across a very rare game peripheral I used to own about eight years ago. I found a boxed set of Samba De Amigo maracas in the Junk section of my local Hard-Off for only 525 yen. I had to take the chance and test them out even if I knew that they probably would either be broken or in real rough shape. When I got home, I fired up my inappropriately "junk" labeled Dreamcast and the maracas worked like a charm. So I got a game that will give me a little bit of a workout.
SAMBA0~1 Samba De Amigo was recently released on the Nintendo Wii a month ago but the game play turned out to be horribly broken due to the inaccuracy of the wiimote controllers. So I am incredibly pleased that I was able to pick up such an enjoyable game for such a low price. Heck, on eBay people are still getting just under 100 dollars for just the maracas. So I got a deal of a lifetime here for a simple budget gamer like myself. It seems as if I get all my electronics and entertainment items from junk shops. Cool for me.

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