Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yokohama China Town

Yokohama China Town 001 Instead of heading out to the mountains to see the fall colors, I decided to tag along with Yuko's family for a day in Yokohama. I've never been to Yokohama before so I decided I'd rather go out for a nice FREE road trip.

I ended up eating at a decent Chinese buffet restaurant in China Town and snapped a few pictures of the area before I got bored being there. Personally, I think San Francisco's China Town is much more interesting but about 1000 times dirtier and smellier too. But at least San Francisco has cheaper food.
Yokohama China Town 002
Yokohama China Town 015
Yokohama China Town 018
After Yuko and I browsed through a few shops in China Town we ended up walking to the bay to check out the amusement park nearby. We rode on the Ferris Wheel and visited the haunted house. It was a pretty nice amusement park and the Ferris Wheel gave us a great view of the city.
Yokohama China Town 025
Yokohama is probably one of the nicer urban areas I've visited in Japan but still nowhere near as nice as my home town in sunny San Diego.
Yokohama China Town 031
The day in Yokohama passed by pretty quick and before I knew it I was back home in my warm bed by midnight that evening. Maybe I'll be able to snap some pictures of trees this weekend if the leaves haven't already fallen off by now. Enjoy the pictures!

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