Friday, December 5, 2008

You get your hair cut at a ... what?

catipult As this year comes closer to an end, my workload at school has significantly gone down. With all the extra free time I've been given, it's made me even lazier and focused on my upcoming visit home. If every thing works out like last year, next week will be my last week of "real" classes.
I am still in wonder that I've already been working in Japan for the length of two school years. The more I work here, the more I warm up to the idea of staying around for a few more years. Of course nothing stays the same at Japanese schools as teachers are rotated often and morale and friendships change. I'm hoping next school year will be as "smooth" as my first two school years here but who knows?
Winters in full swing in my city and I am greeted with a thick layer of hard, icy frost on my window on nearly a daily basis. It is a strange feeling scraping frost off my windows before I go to work but I'm getting used to it. My schools out in the local mountains already are salting roads because black ice started forming there about a week ago and will probably turn into snow soon enough. I'll be throwing on my set of snow tires this weekend in anticipation of bad weather. I really like snow but I don't like driving in it at all and I know I'm going to have a lot more experience starting next semester in January...
Despite it being so cold outside, my apartment holds most of it's heat in. My place is about 15-22 degrees Celsius which is just warm enough for sweat pants and a sweatshirt. The kotatsu, a short table with an electric heater mounted on its underside, has been a greater asset this year as it serves more than just a piece of furniture my girlfriend wanted but more of a practical functional item. It does a good job of keeping my feet warm and my energy costs down. 
But enough about school and seasons. I witnessed a cool freak thunderstorm today. Its due to the rainstorm and the snowy mountains. I guess a cold front and a warm front collided over my area causing some serious freak weather patterns. I love thunderstorms!
After two long months of ignoring my wild unkept hair, I finally went out to my local salon and got my hair styled and cut. Its amazing how much they preen and mess around with my hair. In the hour and a half I am there they have four separate people attend to me by washing my hair before and after the cut, another to blow dry my hair while the main stylist is working on somebody else, and finally the stylist who cuts my hair. Its a lot different from the 10 dollar barber shop cuts I used to get but I really love it. I pay 4,300 yen each time and I know its expensive but for the quality of work and service they provide, I happily part with my money. I think living in Japan has really changed my opinions on personal upkeep and fashion. I think I am slightly more presentable than I used to be, which is cool I guess.
So that's it for now. Maybe I'll squeeze another post in if anything else happens or if it gets cold enough to snow.

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