Friday, January 9, 2009

What's with all this white stuff outside?

VDQEHSJBPASIGQI5QANNW5ZKL34C7MVL Out of nowhere a snowstorm hit my area and has stuck around a lot longer than it was forecasted to. I love snow even though it makes driving more dangerous and my electricity bill higher.

I want it to snow all night and into the next morning but it will probably stop soon. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be partly cloudy and much warmer. If the snow actually starts to stick more to the ground, I might just get another snow day out of it. Here's keeping my fingers crossed.

And in unrelated news, I am bummed out I accidentally deleted my Sea World pictures I took when I was back home. I took some really cool pictures of dolphins and killer whales in mid-air jumps, but now all I have are the memories in my mind. When I was doing my yearly OS clean installation I figured I backed up every thing onto my new 1TB external drive. I guess I was wrong and I saved the folder containing all my Sea World pictures after I backed up onto my external drive. I tried recovering it off my memory card but I already wrote over it one time with my zoo pictures. Oh well, I guess I should be more careful next time and make sure I have redundant copies before I press that delete from camera button.

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