Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hand made chocolates

Another Valentine’s day has come and gone and I missed another one of my dear grandmother’s birthdays. Happy birthday grandma!
Last year I got a handful of gifts from people at work for Valentine’s day but this year I came home empty handed. I kind of forgot it was Valentine’s day anyway so I wasn’t really bothered by it anyway.
Valentine's Day Candy 001This year Yuko decided she’d make me Japanese style Valentine’s day chocolates. Basically you buy bars of chocolate, melt them down, and pour them into bite sized foil cups. I was given two boxes full of hand made chocolates sprinkled with almonds. They tasted great, especially because Yuko used my favorite Japanese brand of chocolate.
Valentine's Day Candy 002 For Valentine’s evening I went to dinner at a local Japanese style party restaurant. for once I paid in full for her dinner and mine. Next month I’ll have to take her to an even better place since they have a holiday on March 14th called White Day, where guys spoil their women even more so than on Valentine’s day. Oh BOY! I better live it up and enjoy the expensive dinner or time out I’ll have next month. Hopefully we can agree on a place where we both appreciate the food on the menu.

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