Sunday, February 1, 2009

Its February already?!

strokin madcat January went by way too fast for my liking. I can’t even remember half of what I did over the past few weeks… I guess I should have blogged something for posterity. Oh well.
I spent a lot of my evenings in January playing games like Sonic Unleashed, Every Extend Extra Extreme, and Tales of Vesperia. That could kind of explain why I’ve neglected my blogging duties for so long. Playing games is one of my three primary forms of entertainment while living in Japan. The other two forms of entertainment would be spending time with Yuko and watching movies or TV shows I rent from Tsutaya (a video rental chain.)
My second school year is quickly coming to a close. I have about three weeks of “real” class time left, and another two probably sitting at my desk due to cancelled or rescheduled classes. I’m already looking forward to that couple of weeks I get between semesters. Hopefully class reschedules or cancellations will make my break a little longer too…
The weather here has been unusually bearable here. I think last year’s weather was much worse and colder, but that might have been due to where I was living last year too. Living in the city makes life a little warmer because of all the buildings serving as windbreaks.
DSC00003 My little apartment is holding up pretty well too to all this cold weather. Its not as warm or energy efficient as my last one but it gets the job done fine if I set my heater to turn on about an hour before I wake up. I am still finding ways to save money and I may end up just buying my own car soon to save even more. I am pretty sure I’ll be here for at least another year or two. I just got to stop being lazy and look for a decent car with Yuko during our days off.
I guess the last thing I want to post about would be my gut… It’s gotten out of control. I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of movement I get during the day. I am physically inactive nearly all the day and have almost no urge to better myself. I’m not sure if its winter getting me down, but I’d really like an exercise partner or something to get my stomach back down to an acceptable size. I’m so lazy!
Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to write about soon. I want to put up some new pictures of something… Like snow! I really want at least one good snow here before the end of winter. Bring on the snow! Justify the cold weather here!

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