Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My game empire is complete… For now.

Room Setup 019 Over the past year or so since I’ve been living in Japan I’ve steadily accumulated various home game consoles from past and present. My goal with each purchase, excluding my XBOX 360, was to buy my systems well below their market values. For the most part I’ve been very successful buying my systems from the junk section of my local recycle shops.
Most of the systems that get lumped in the junk pile aren’t actually junk at all, they just happen to be overstocked items that don’t sell anymore due to their age. But to collectors like myself, these unwanted systems become a gold mine of sorts. Of course I can’t just walk into the store expecting what I want to be there and in the condition I would like it to be in. I have to sort through piles of  discolored, filth covered, cigarette stained, electronics. Many Japanese smoke in their homes and cars, so buying stuff from a smoke free environment is nearly impossible. I just try to find a middle ground and get the most aesthetically appealing hardware I can find.
Room Setup 008Up till now I’ve been successful with purchasing my 32 inch Sharp Aquos TV (smelled like cigarette smoke for a week), my Sega Dreamcast and accessories, my Sony 5.1 surround sound system, my Sega Saturn with accessories, and the final crowing jewel, my 2000 yen PS2. Most game systems were picked up for under 1000 yen with all accessories included but the PS2, being still very popular, was the most troublesome and expensive purchases I’ve made so far.
2000 yen (roughly $20) for a PS2 is actually very good considering that they sell used at almost every store in Japan for about 12,000 yen. I knew I’d be able to find one in the junk section eventually for the right price and I finally did but it came with a little trouble. It actually took me two tries to get it right. The first try was actually a failed purchase because I bought a PS2 with a bad laser spindle motor which was not worth fixing so that ended up burning 2000 yen. My second most recent PS2 attempt worked just fine and is playing games happily under my TV. It was also in the junk section under a stack of other PS2s. So in total I spent about 4000 for my PS2 since the first one was a lemon. I may take the completely broken one to another recycle shop to sell it for parts since its a fixable system, its just not worth my time to mess with it.
Room Setup 020 I regret wasting money on the first PS2 but that’s the chance you have to take in the junk section. Most things there are unmarked and untested. Some things have labels that describe their problems or missing components, but most are a crapshoot. This time I lost, but I think I’ve gotten a lot out of it so far. I think it also helps that I don’t mind fixing and troubleshooting things.
Room Setup 011 I think I’m done collecting game system hardware. There isn’t really anything else I want besides a PS3 and that’s more of a curiosity. I already own an XBOX 360 and that does a good enough job satisfying my multi console high definition gaming habit for now. However, if I ever  get an unexpected bonus/raise I might consider picking a used PS3, up but I’m not in a hurry for that since I have a PS2 and years of games I’ve missed on it which I’d like to catch up on first.
One final note to my readers, I want to send out a happy birthday to my good friend Kherri. I hope you get around to using that white SEGA Saturn I gave to you for Christmas.

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