Friday, February 13, 2009

Pizza hut pizza in Japan tastes good

DSC00005About once a month or so I get a flyer from various local pizza restaurants in my mailbox. I tend to automatically toss flyers and coupons in the trash because I don’t like Japanese pizza that much.
This week something caught my eye with Tuesday’s Pizza Hut flyer, it said HALF OFF all pickup orders. Usually delivery pizza costs about 25-30 dollars just for something one small pizza which usually is covered with mayonnaise, seafood, and many other things besides cheese. Japanese pizzas are really cheap with cheese for some reason, which is the main reason why I prefer to just go without pizza in Japan. A typical Japanese pizza has barely any sauce and splotches of cheese randomly scattered about the surface of the pizza.
DSC00006 I couldn’t resist half off because it made it affordable to try it out for once. Instead of it being 2,100 yen for pickup I got it for just over 900 yen. So I ended up buying the least Japanese looking pizza on the menu hoping for the best. To my surprise it actually looked, smelled, and tasted like a Pizza Hut pizza I’d get back in America… just smaller.
DSC00007 It seems every first Tuesday each month my local Pizza Hut has this same sale so I’ll probably make this a regular thing. Its just too bad I get a lot less for my money here as far as food goes. At least they got the cheese, sauce, to toppings ratio right.

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  1. Scott:

    Glad you got some pizza ;), your ever faithful blog reader, keep up the adventures of Scott in Japan!

    How are things, I hope you have enough money!

    Love you